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More Vibes for my Mom Please

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As you know my mom had a stroke this past summer. She has since pretty much recovered, she was going back to physical therapy to get better use of her arm and leg, when last month she passed out. Dr. said it was from her eye drops for her glacoma (sp) slow her hear rate down.
Now on tuesday night I got a call from my sister, mom is back in the hospital, they think she had a small stroke while she was sleeping, when she got up tuesday morning she could not move her leg at all.
I know I've been asking for alot of vibes lately but mom sure could use them. I'm going to see her this weekend. Thanks everybody I will post again when I know more.
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Get well vibes coming your way.I hope your Mom gets better SOON!
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I'm really sorry to hear about all the troubles your mom has been having I'll send lots of good health prayers her way
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I'm so sorry to hear this, I will remember your mom in my prayers.
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I am sending lots of get well vibes for your mom.
I am sorry she is having such a tough time
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Many vibes and prayers for your Mom.
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I'm so sorry your mom is having so many health problems, lots of vibes that she gets better {{{{{}}}}}
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)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((
Sending good vibes
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Get well vibes and prayers coming your way. Have you gotten test results back that confirmed a small stoke? Reason I'm asking, my grandmother had a stroke a year ago and a few weeks ago was taken to the emergency room because the nursing home thought she had another one. I talked to the doctor and he said all tests came back negative. He said sometimes if a person's blood suger drops or if they get dehydrated after they have had a stroke, the body can react like there was another one, but it is really just the body's way of compensating for what is lacking so no additional brain damage. Keep us posted.
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An Update: I just got off the phone with the dr. (don't know why I didn't think of calling him earliler ) and he said that it was a small stroke. The good news is she is back to her usual spunky (his word) self. She will be in rehab for a couple of weeks (although she can move her leg now it is necessary). Thanks everyone for the vibes, once again it is proven that the board magic does work!!! You guys are great!!!!
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Glad that the damage was not too serious. Sending vibes for a swift recovery.
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Many vibes headed your mom's way..........
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Thank heavens it was a small one! I hope she recovers quickly - it's never easy when you've had something like that!
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Sending {{{vibes}}} that your mom recovers quickly!!
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