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Snoopy and Tulip Posing.........

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These are my only blue eyed kittens. I think they are the cutest things I have ever seen. So livey........ They are into everything... They just got their last shots.. I'll get them fixed in a couple months.
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AWww Look at those cuties!
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Oh how sweet
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Are they snowshoe?
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They are just adorable. This might be a silly question, but are they siblings?
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Awwwww they certainly look like twins
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we had taken in a pregnant stray and these two were the surviving kittens. They were snow white when born with big blue eyes. WE came home and she was sitting on our couch with these two. The mother is white with big black spots... She was an unwed mother...... The area we lived in had no cats that even closely resembled these so I have no idea who she bred. She is fixed now and they will be soon. I have never seen kittens with this type of coloring. They look nothing like their mother.
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Those are a couple of gorgeous babies, Jenn.
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Whatever they are, they most certainly are gorgeous!
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Thank you Elly. They are precious....... They were born on 9-16-06. They are about 3.5 months old and HUGE..... They are easy to care for since they have never been in the wild. They only know this house and the enclosure and they have only been in the enclosure twice with supervision. I think they are too big to get out of now but I have to be sure.

We have 5" of snow right now and have bobcat tracks all over....... Keeping them inside is for their safety.

I found bobcat/mountainlion tracks all over in the snow. They were concentrated outside the enclosure. I followed them all over our property. I reached one point where I could smell where the had marked. A real distinct odor. The cats are all staying in the house right now. We put a tin roof on the enclosure so whether a mountain lion or a bobcat, it cannot gain entrance.

It is quite a bit larger than a quarter. About 2.5 times as big. Some were several inches across.
I don't go to work till midnight so I am going to explore some mre while tracks are easily visible.

Here is a print inside one of my footprints so you can gauge the size. I wear a size 6 shoe but here I had worm fluffy houseshoes. My print was yesterday. The cat print was today.\\
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such cuties, more photos please they are just sooo precious and gorgeous
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Jenn they are ADORABLE!!! The "cat" prints are impressive as well!!! I'm glad you have a good enclosure - is it mountain lion proof now?
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They're gorgeous! If you want to find out what their coloring is called, you could probably ask in the breeders forum. They're great at figuring that stuff out. I think they would be lynx bicolor, but I could be soooo wrong!
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My shelter for them IS bobcat proof.... I measured the stride on my tracks and it is definately a bobcat. Not a mountain lion..... thank god.

I might ask about their coloring. Never thought about that.

And these are funny kitties. Their mom is small and is having trouble weening them. They still nurse right now. The mama tries to walk and they hook on to her and as she walks, they stay latched and walk beside her nursing. Or they lay across her body and hang upside down to nurse..... I have never seen anything like it.
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Your kitties are so cute!
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Here's a few pics of them I took today. They were playing and stalking...... I just find them so adorable. They are so different than any other cats I have.

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Wow Jenn....
Snoopy and Tulip are beautiful cats.
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