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Question on behaviour of two cats together????

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Some of you may read of our little Malcolm and bialey who we introduced three day ago. As you all suspected things have been moving fairly quickly with their progress. They actively chase one another, and have several times come into contact with one another nose to nose, with no conflict or aggression arising out of it. When 'play' however Bailey (new cat, 4 months old, female/not spayed YET) will sometimes still hiss and bat at Malcom (resident cat 3 months old, male/not neutered YET), however they still seem to continue on playing without any escalation.

What we are wondering is, if hissing is a normal part of playing, as it will go away in time, or is this something we should be more concerned about and seperating them?

Everytime they have played it has been supervised and neither cat has shown any sign that they were injured, or that they were scared. I say this only because Malcolm always goes back and tries to find Bailey.

(Yes they will be getting neutered/spayed soon)
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If there is no bloodshed and one cat isn't constantly appearing to be in fear of the other and stressed out all the time, then they are fine.

Hissing and growling and swatting and ears laid back and "fighting" can get aggressive and everything, but unless it is excessive, don't worry about it.

that is great you are getting them both altered soon. It is amazing how young females can get pregnant and males can be little fathers.
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Its just a thier way of stateing "thats far enough" , keeping the boundaries.....However you are going to want to get them spayed/nuetered, 4 months is a good age. You never know when one might develope a bit faster......
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An update:

Our Malcolm and Bailey seem to be doing better - last night they BOTH slept on the bed with us, one at our head, one at our feet, and they are able to go about their ways more without all the crazyness. Still some hissing but I still thinK Bailey is just adjusting to being in a new place.

Anyways, unfortunatly this morning Malcolm woke up with a little bit of an eye infection so we decided to keep them separated while we give him his drops and for the day while we are at work, but for the next five days someone will be home all the time, so we can keep a close eye on the two and make sure there is nothing but FUN play!
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Oh... and we scheduled Bailey's spaying so that will be done soon.
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Well, sounds to me like things are going nicely! They should soon be best friends!
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