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Vibes for my mom please?

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My stepdad just called, my mom's in the hospital again.
She's beeb having blood in her stools.

She had one procedure today to try and find the bleeding, and Friday she gets a colonoscopy.
They haven't found the cause yet, but her doctor is pretty sure it is a bleeding ulcer somewhere in her gastro tract due to a drug combination including blood thinners that my mother has to take.

We are hoping that it is as simple as an ulcer and nothing more serious.
I'm not ready to lose my mom yet.
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Oh no, sending many prayers your moms way- and many calming vibes to you
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i hope your mom is home and feeling well soon
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Sending out good news and health vibes that way.
Also calming vibes for you.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you, your mom and the rest of your family.

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Oh heck, mega positive get well soon ((((( vibes ))))) whizzing to your mom
I know this sounds cliched but shes in the best place and they´ll check everything over for her.
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Good health vibes for your mother.
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Sending lots of good health prayers and vibes for you mom.
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Sending lots of good wishes to you and your mom. I hope everything turns out to be okay.

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I will remember your mom in my prayers, many get well vibes headed your moms way.
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Mega vibes for your mums health and recovery. {{{}}}

And some calm vibes for you {{}}
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Keeping you and your Mom in my thoughts and prayers.
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lots of vibes for something easily treated {{}}}}}}}
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Well, after the colonoscopy they still have not found the source of the bleeding, and there is no sign of new bleeding.

She is anemic, so it is possible that it's seepage (ugly word).
She has been given 3 pints of plasma and is doing ok.

I now get to research ways for her to get more iron.
This'll be fun, mom can't have much dark leafy greens as she's on Coumadin and the two don't get along, and she's not a red meat eater.
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Can she take iron tablets???
Will the docs be doing more tests??
Sending vibes to you and I understand how you feel about the word seepage.
The implications aren't pleasant.
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She's got an MRI scheduled and I believe my stepdad said they'll be doing an ultrasound as well.
She already takes iron supplements, as do I.
She has heart disease (has an implanted defribulator) so she's got a drug balancing act going on.
My thought though is that maybe she needs more vitamin C to help with the iron absorption.
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If she is having iron problems, she needs to stay away from caffines, and eggs, they make your body hard to abosrb iron. The blood people (when I donate blood) have told me this.
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Actually eggs are on the Anaemia diet and caffienes are only to be avoided at meal times (though she's only into caffiene in her morning coffee, heart disease has put a stop to all other caffiene consumption).

anaemia diet
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