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Funky 2

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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for understanding why I had to send Funky back. I am getting a replacement kitten in December. I will call him Funky 2. He won't be the same but I am sure I can love him just as much as Funky 1. I am going to attach some of the pictures I have. I will keep everyone updated on him.
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Here is the best one of his face.
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I just love his markings! He looks like a cow with the spots!
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Goodness - look at all that skin! He looks like a feline shar pei. He also looks like he already has a cattitude. Should be fun!
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OMG! I thought the same thing! I thought he looked like a cow with his spots but a little pig with the wrinkles! One thing is for shure he looks healther than the other boy!
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Awwwwww!! Beautiful!! It's almost like he's got all the skin he's going to need as an adult, now and his body just grows into it. LOL I love his spots. You could always call him Funky Too, as in Funky as well. I know, I know, just my odd sense of humour!
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Oh, I forgot to ask. Have you heard if Funky 1 is better?
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I have talked with Funky 1's breeder. He is getting better. But is not completly healed. It will take a long time for him to be totally healed. She said he is growing and getting better everyday! I am so happy he is going to be ok. I hope she finds him a nice home like I would have given him here!
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That's good news, the little guy looked so sick, I feared he wouldn't make it. Can't wait to see pics of Funky Too (oops I mean 2 ) in December. He will be a wonderful early Christmas present for you.
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Glad to hear you'll be gettin a new baby!
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Awwwwwww, Funky 2 is cute!!
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Maybe the little cow kitty with too much skin for his little body should be named "Too Funky" instead of Funky 2. :laughing2
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Oh my that is so cute! This is the name we had picked out Funk E Doreker 2. But I like the one you have sugested. My hubby picked out the name don't ask he is weird!
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Funky II is tooooooooo cute, Nicole!
I am jealous of you!
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I hope this works out! I think it will. I have had the worst month of my life. First my hubby's grandmother passed away. Then I get a sick kitten and could have infected the whole house. And to top it off I find out tonight my first bengal Taja is not going to get her papers. The person who sold her to me is a back yard breeder. She lied and said she had papers for her just did not have them yet. My mother in law wants to take her. She told me when I bought Taja that when I retired her she wanted her. So I guess I will just give Taja to her. I will still see her she lives right next door to me and I will know she is in a wonderful home too! Another $650 down the drain oh well it's only money right!
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Oh mate, you HAVE had a bugger of a time! I hope things start to look up for you soon, I'm sure they will.
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