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Vibes for my husband's job prospects, please...

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My husband has been out of work since the beginning of November.

Our car payments haven't been made in full the past two months, and we've had to ask for money from his parents to help us pay our bills. Don't even ask me about my student loans... He's landed several interviews lately, but he never makes it past the final round. He's in a really competitive field where the market has waaaaay more workers than available positions. So anyway, we really need him to get a real job. The temp agencies around here aren't giving him very good jobs or jobs that last very long (five days at most).

Today, he got an e-mail from a recruiter at a temp agency that thinks they can place him at a really good job at a very large and famous local company as a technical writer (pharmaceuticals, anyone? ). It would pay well enough (although probably not as much as he was making). This place sometimes hires on their temps and contract workers full time on a permanent basis if everything works out and everything looks good coming down the pipeline (sorry, drug industry speak). The contract is for 6 months. I don't know how many other people he's going to be up against, but keep your fingers crossed for us... we REALLY need some income in this house!!! The unemployment barely pays one of our car payments...

He's still waiting to hear back about two other interviews he went to last week, so keep those in mind too. He'd hate to hear you're praying for him, but I won't complain.
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i wish him alot of luck.

I know that feeling of getting called in for 2, 3, and even 4 interviews for a job and not getting it. it can really get you down sometimes.
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That sounds like a good prospect, Ill keep my fingers crossed for him!
Too bad there isnt a student loan fairy I could have wave her magic wand. Then we'd each have one less thing to worry about....
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Lots of vibes coming you and your husbands way. It is hard to have a sudden loss of income. Good luck.

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Good vibes going out to you and your husband.
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Sending lots of good vibes for your hubby {{{ }}}
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Good luck and find a the right solution vibes coming your way.
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Fingers crossed and lots of {{{{{vibes}}}}} going out to your husband.
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Lots of job vibes headed your way for hubby!
Looking for a new job can be so discouraging at times, but tell him to keep his head up
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lots of get the job vibes coming your way!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}
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That is tough. Good luck and good vibes coming.
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Good luck!!!!!! Does he do IT technical writing? Where I work is always looking for technical writers...
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Here's to hoping your husband gets that job (or a job) soon!
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Keeping my fingers crossed! Is your husband in pharmacutical sales? My uncle was and it is VERY competitive. I guess anything in the health care industry is. Good luck and good vibes going your way.
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Thanks everyone!

He doesn't want to DO sales, he'd rather be in the background, writing the stuff sales people use. He has a background in technical writing for pharmaceutical companies, copywriting for advertising, and PR. Now, I've considered sales given my educational background, but it's too cutthroat, there's too much traveling, and I'd feel like I wasn't in a completely ethical field.... I'd rather serve people than convince docs my drug is best.
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