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Seriously I am back now....

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Things have just been soooo crazy lately! School sucks because my professor sucks and the class is basically self-learn which you can't really do in my class. Work is going well. I am still at the daycare and I got my raise since I have been there a whole year! YAY!

Wedding plans are....well....they're coming. We just now started looking for wedding and reception sites and we still don't have an official date. We really just want to get an estimation for EVERYTHING(cake, flowers, etc)and sit down with our parents. It is stressful and the REAL planning hasn't even started.

Just a quick rundown. I PROMISE I will be on more often now. I am more able to make time now and I miss you all so very much!

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Welcome home honey, you were missed too.
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It's tough when you can't find "TCS time"!

Congrats on the raise!

Good luck with the wedding planning! We skipped the stress of it all and got married with just the two of us and two witnesses. Gary was wearing blue jeans and I was wearing my favorite cotton dress.

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Glad to see that you're back!!!! Now, do you have any new pics of the cutie pie Oscar?
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Ahhh don't you hate when professors don't pull their weight?!! Good to have your TCS time though! Welcome back!
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Hi Courtney! Great to see you back for bit- hope to see you around here more often!!
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Hang in there with the wedding're in the worst part!

You'll wake up one day with the dress found and the place booked and you'll just hear this begin in your head....
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you could always do what i did, let your mom and aunt plan it and just go to the dress fitting but then you'd have dreams that you were getting married in a barn and your Mom didn't invite any of the groom's family glad to see you around Courtney!!
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Courtney!! We've missed you.
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Glad to see you Courtney!!!
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Glad to see you have popped in here! School will get better eventually. Glad to hear about your raise! Mo' Money!!
Wedding planning is stressful for everyone! Hang in there!
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