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The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

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OK well not the sky.....but remember how in cartoons stuff would be falling and the character was running trying to catch it all and doing crazy balancing of the stuff they caught at the same time?

That was me today! I was grading the eternal stack of paperwork and needed a different answer key....so I rolled back to my bookshelf to grab it.....and there I went....one shelf tipped forward, cd's went everywhere, binders were tossed and stacked to try to save the others...etc!

Eventually I just lost the rest......my students found it amusing. I didn't. At least not till later! Come to find out, the shelf that was on there didn't even go to my bookshelf! It's been there longer than I've worked for the company. And with all the stuff on the shelves, I didn't notice the slight difference in color. The little grooves that are supposed to hold it didn't even match like at all! Oh and a screw was replacing one of the pegs. Then I noticed both sides are coming apart from the top!

So I spent a good bit of time this afternoon trying to repair the damage. I left the old shelf off and reorganized everything so I'm OK for now.....I just hope when I go in tomorrow it hasn't decided to come completely apart! Good thing I didn't get hurt....then I'd have to file a report!
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I don't remember what TV show it was, but stuff like this always makes me think of spoofs of people trying to put together furniture that you buy at like Walmart or Ikea or something. It is SO easy to use that kind of stuff as the basis for comedy - because we've all struggled with it.

Bummer about the mess. But glad you can laugh about it now!!!

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Wow Leighann- sounds like quite the day!
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Oh my goodness Chicken Little! Glad you didn't get hurt tho!
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I just got the most hilarious mental picture of that all taking place
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I'm hoping I'm gonna get a new nice bookcase out of it! Ya know we can't have safety hazards in the office right!?! I did find a bruise on my leg later....maybe I should report it! J/K....I'm not sure where the bruise came from, but I wouldn't do that anyway!
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The little red hen! That's you, Leigh Ann!
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