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Friday's DT

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Well...Happy anniversary to me! I am so sick I can hardly focus on anything here. I have no idea why I decided to come to work.

Hubby had a beautiful card and gift waiting for me this morning when I awoke. He and the boys slipped out of the house last night while I tried to rest and went "man shopping". It's cute. Wish I was feeling up to enjoying today. But I'm not. I'm seriously considering a quick trip to the walk in clinic. My throat feels like it's closing up. Every time I swallow, I end up gasping, trying to catch my breath. Not a great feeling. This cold is a wicked one.

Oh yeah....I am taking Buckleys non-stop. (Yuck) That's giving me an idea about how sick I am because normally, I stay away from that stuff. It is sooooooo gross.

I think I will do 'almost nothing' today. Might end up going home. Don't really know yet.

Anyways, hope everyone else has a great day and week-end!
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Ghyslaine I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. I know how miserable you must feel. We had a really bad flu over here in Australia this winter and I (who hardly ever catches anything) got it. It lasted nearly nine weeks and I felt like hell. Please get better soon. I hope you can snuggle up over the weekend and get some rest :sleep3: and be spoiled and get nursed back to health

Well Friday is over and it's nearly on to Saturday for me. Let's see what did I do today? Doctors appointment this morning. Then Peter and I went to the shopping centre near where we live, had lunch, bought the digital camera (As you all already know ) came home and took photos, downloaded them and posted them on the forum hehehehe! Then Petes kids came over (we get them every fortnight) there goes all the food, tidyness and T.V. I am getting ready to go to bed, everyone is asleep and alls well with the furbabies. Hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy weekend ahead.

Love and Hugs
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Friday - at last! This has been one very long week.

I work a full day today, and the office should be almost empty since we have an overtime ban in effect right now. We work 9 hour days Monday through Thursday, then the office basically closes at noon on Fridays. The office manager and I switch off Fridays to cover the phones until 5, and one engineer stays on duty. I have to say, I really like the schedule in general. It feels like I'm getting a long weekend every other week.

No big plans for the weekend. Probably will just stay home, clean, possibly cross stitch, which is all good with me. I need some down time.

Happy Anniversary Ghys! That's too bad that you are sick, though. It sounds like a real doozy. Sending "Get Better" energy to you.
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This bug, going around the board, sounds nasty! I haven't been ill, in so long, that I'm due for a bad one.

Working swing shift, today and am SUPPOSED to have the weekend off. That had better be on the schedule, when I get there.

Bill and I are going to stroll Fourth Ave., tomorrow. That's about five blocks of vintage, thrift stores and funky boutiques. Bill needs flannel work shirts and the biggest thrift store in town is down there. He won't buy new shirts, to work in.

Have good weekend!
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Thanks guys!!!

Just received a dozen roses at the office from hubby. Such a sweetheart.

Lo and behold....I think all the cold medecine I am taking is kicking in! I am feeling a wee bit better right now.

I am looking forward to a good night sleep. (Hopefully tonight!)

Heidi....I agree. It's been a very long week. Leslie, I haven't checked out your pictures yet. I will though! I'm sure you are having lots of fun.
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What a sweetie you have for a hubby, Ghyslaine. I sure hope that if you aren't feeling well enough to enjoy your anniversary, at least you get better enough to enjoy your weekend.

We cancelled the trip to Chicago. Looks like we'll head over Thanksgiving. Timing was real bad now, anyway. ...and since we just totally cleaned the house because of Lazlo (and the germophobe ), we now have a free weekend with nothing to do! Yeah! I'll get to work on and probably finish up the presentation I'm making for our Amarillo Rescuer to help lobby the city for a Spay/Neuter program. Looks like it's going to be raining here anyway....

Cindy - have fun shopping!

Enjoy, all!!!!!!!
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Well, I have officially decided not to go to the birthday party this weekend. Thank you everyone for the great advice, I am definately taking it. Ghys - try to get better this weekend and have a happy aniversary.

I bought tickets today to go see the musical Mamma Mia again - I am going Tuesday night! I really enjoyed it the 1st time
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Boy oh Boy, what a bug is going around these parts!!!! It started last week, my oldest had bronchitis. Then my daughter came down w/ some sort of flu w/ fever, etc. Then my son got it BACK, w/ just the fever. So finally everyone was getting healthy, David went back to school, and low and behold.........I WAKE UP SICK THIS MORNING!!!!!!! I am so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm laying low, trying to drink tea and kick this illness to the curb. I hate being sick. I have NO appetite, my throat is killing me, and I feel like %$^&

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!
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Ghyslaine and Daniela...I am sorry you both are so sick!!! Sending up prayers for you both to get well!!!

Went to the Doctor today...6 week checkup....guess everything is okay. Still depressed about going back to work, though.
He put me on the new "patch" for birth control, instead of my pills...I only have to put one patch on once a week...we shall see how this goes. Anyone else use it?

On the way home, not too far from home, I saw something at the side of the road...thought it was a cat at first...got closer and it was a young coon. It was just standing there...and didn't run into the ditch when I drove by...thought that was odd. So I backed up....and he still stood there. I was afraid maybe he had rabies or something, he looked rather skinny and ill. Poor thing. So I very cautiously got out of the car...keeping an eye on him so he wouldn't come at me if he did have rabies, and got into my trunk (I had just gotten groceries) and found some bread, and threw it at him....he immediately was on it...gobbling it up...poor thing was starving. I threw out some more and then went home. I hope he will be okay. I still don't know if he was rabid or not, I hope not. But I do know he was hungry, so I fed him.
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Originally posted by Debby
He put me on the new "patch" for birth control, instead of my pills...I only have to put one patch on once a week...we shall see how this goes. Anyone else use it?
I've been on Depo for years.... I asked my doctor about the patch, he would no give it to me.... he said he's not giving it to any of his paticents, he thinks its still too "new" he thinks there are going to be problems.?!

So, I'm stuck with getting a shot once every 3 months (I LOVE IT!)
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Ugh. I hated depo. Tried it once, ended up with a 3 month long headache (not to mention spotting constantly for 3 months) I'll stick with the pill. I've never heard about a patch though. My gyno didn't mention it when I went in for my annual yesterday either.

Got through my first day at work finally. Boy am I tired. I had the flu bug a few days ago, so I can really sympathize with you guys. At least around here it's been a 24 hr thing. Almost half the employees at the school where my mother works were out on Wed. with it.
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Well my Doctor didn't seem to have any problems giving me the patch, so we shall see.

I forgot to add yesterday....HAPPY LATE ANNIVERSARY GHYSLAINE!!!
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Thanks Debby!

I ended up cancelling my "surprise". Hubby had booked a bobysitter and we were supposed to go out friday night (alone!!!). Would have been nice. Anyways....long story short. Ended up having to go to the hospital. Was having difficulty breathing and I was seeing spots. When I got there, they took my temperature. I had a fever. Not too high though. So, turns out, I have a lung infection. I'm on antibiotics for the next 10 days and they also prescribed a cough syrup that knocks you out at night so you can sleep. It worked last night.

The only good thing out of this story is: I've lost 2 pounds so far!!! :LOL: My appetite is slowly coming back though so they'll be back next week too. Yesterday was the worst. I was sick to my stomach all day and there was nothing in it. I hate the dry heaves.
Ended up passing out on the bathroom floor for some time. Don't know how long I was there. Hubby had taken the boys out for the day so I could stay in bed. He came home and boy, he was not too happy finding me in the bathroom. Poor guy. Guess I scared him a little bit. But, I much rather that he took the boys out than stayed home with me all day.

Well...not much else going on. Just thought I'd give an update. Not feeling 100% yet, but I think after 48 hours the antibiotic may kick in.

I know a few ladies who get the injection. I guess the only downside they seem to have had with it is weight gain. Myself.....I decided after baby number 2 that he would be my last so, I took care of that.

Daniela, Hope you are feeling better!
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Oh Ghyslaine, how terrible! You must have scared your poor husband to death. This illness sounds really awful. PLEASE let this be a lesson to us all - don't ignore it when you feel sick!

Sending chicken soup! ...if only I could.

Hope the antibiotics kick in real soon. GET SOME REST!!!!!

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I hope you get to feeling better real soon! How awful you had to go to the hospital! You just take it easy and get better now!
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