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cats playing or not?

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So Orion is the baby, he is 6 months old now and has been with us for 3 months. Sephie took him under his wing and let him attack his tail and bite him all over. Well either Sephie got grumpy (more grumpy) lately or Orion just doesn't know when to quit. They play and then I hear Sephie hissing at him but Orion doesn't back away..he just jumps on Sephie again and tackles him. Sephie hisses and stuff but rarely runs away. If he does, Orion is hot on his tracks.

Should I do anything? Neither of them is physically getting hurt.
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No need to interfere. Orion is being a kitten. Sephie will tell him in her own way when enough is enough. Hope Orion is neutered.
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yes, they both are. Sephie is a boy too. We started calling him sephie when we thought he was a girl. We got him, thought he was a girl, took him to the vet the next day and the vet told us he was a boy but it stuck. His twins hadn't fallen yet..hehe

Makes me feel better. Orion sure tackles hard but then again, Sephie is the one that taught him
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I agree. He'll let the kitten know when he's had enough.

When we got a kitten Sparkle, and our old guy Oberon took her under his wing, one time he kept wacking her on the side of her head (with a soft paw, no claws). She'd attack him, and he'd go, Whap Whap Whap! After a several rounds of this she finally got the message, and started licking his face. It was pretty funny to see.

Cheers, from
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Is Orion neutered? If not that might account for their behaviour. I noticed a difference in the way my 2 interacted when Mosi reached about 5 months. To begin with Jaffa would let him get away with anything but as he got older I think Jaffa saw him as more of a threat and became less tolerant.
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Sounds like Sephie is just teaching Orion better manners. I wouldn't worry about it. You'll know if they are really fighting.
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Yep you'll definately know if they were really fighting.
Zoey and Saki get into it all the time. Sometimes they chase each other, wrestle, rabbit kick each other, and Zoey is always hissing and growling but she doesnt scare anyone
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that's exactly like they. Yes Orion is neutered..everyone in my house is fixed.

Maybe Sephie isn't happy that Orion is getting stronger
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The funny thing is though Zoey wont get up and walk away. Sometimes she runs off and Saki will chase her or it will be the other way around but you'd think if she were really pissed off she'd go in another room or something
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hi, i have same sceneiro, boo is about 3 years, dink is 6 months, they run and chase each other, then pretty soon they start hissing and growling at each other but it doesnt seem to be hateful.
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Sounds normal to me
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Stanley and Sadie play all the time. I know when one has had enough because they hiss. Otherwise both are usually silent. But once someone hisses it's over.

I wouldn't worry about them too much. If Sephie gets really fed up with playing he'll let Orion know.
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Yeah, just let them work it out for themselves. But still keep an eye on them, my Buffy was "raised" by Willow, but Buffy's always been a rather, um, stubborn girl, and Willow, bless her heart, would do her thing and hiss and smack Buffy when she'd had enough of playing or cuddling or whatever. Unfortunately, Willow could hiss, bite, smack, and rip Buffy's ear off, and Buffy won't stop, so Willow would panic and just take off. Sadly, Buffy would be hot on her heels. My sister could hear Willow hissing as the two ran by, which just broke our hearts, lol. So if it gets to THAT point, interfere, but they can speak cat language better than humans can, so for now just leave them be.
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I think they will be fine...they will work it out
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