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what would cause diarreah?

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what would cause a cat to have diarreah? i noticed zazu last night in the litter box and he has it. very runny. well, this morning he has it again. zazu is a very picky eater. he won't eat can food, tuna, table scraps, he always been like that. there has been no change in his diet. so, i'm just wondering what could cause it. i tried to give him some food, but he's not hungry right now. i'm gonna keep a close eye on him and call the vet when they open. but what are the causes of diarreah?
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If it isn't something he's eaten, then it is most likely some kind of "bug." Kitty flu? ESPECIALLY if he isn't eating anything. It could be worms, but then he might be hungry. The most important thing is that you should know cats can become dehydrated very quickly. Good thing you're taking him to the Vet - I'd be concerned about his not eating. Any change in behavior is cause for concern. Combine that with diarrhea and not eating, and I think he needs a visit to the Doc!

Hope he gets better soon!!!!

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the vet is giving me an antibiotic with an anthistimine (spell?) in it, because he is also weezing. he said there's been alot of upper respiatory infections going around with the weather change here. i'm still worried though. he did say if he don't improve over the week end to bring him in monday. it seems at least once a year all my cats catch a cold and i have to treat them all. right now though zazu seems to be the only one down. there has been some sneezing going on, but i'm not catching who it's coming from. he said the diarreah is probally bacteria from the virus. i pray that is all it is. i love all my cats. but i feel nobody could understand my love for zazu. he's my oldest. my baby. my best freind. i would greatly appreciate some of that online magic. so just say a little prayer for zazu, please.
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Board Magic coming your and Zazu's way from Colorado!
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Hope Zazu gets to feeling better soon!
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I hope zazu feels better soon. And I hope your other kitties don't come down with it, and if they do, not as bad.

Good luck.
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Prayers for Zazu's quick recovery!!!!

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