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A spider meets its fate

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It's hard to see, but there's a little black dot on the carpet all three cats are focused on. It's a little black spider about to meet its fate at the hands, er --- paws of my resident spider eliminator -- Rocket:

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Thats a great photo!
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Ahhh...."the mighty hunter has cornered his prey...."
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Oh tooo cute! And I see he is giving lessons to his side kicks!
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Look at the concentration! Great photo!
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LOL!! I love that pic!

Zoey and Saki are totally useless when it comes to spiders or bugs. They would rather play with them for an hour than kill them for me
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lol very nice, pic.

Heyu is the same when it comes to spiders...
i have woken up in bed with dead spiders that she had caught and played with.
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Thats cute!
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Good kitty
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well something as big and mean and hairy and horrible as that spider just had to have 3 kitties sort it out
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GOOD KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe when they're finished at your home- they can come exterminate here whenever we have one. I HATE spiders!!!!!!!! I have the scars from 3 brown recluse incidents to hate them!
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