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I think I need a new Computer forum to go to...

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Maybe the dawn of the site I normally visit for computer questions is coming to an end.

First Thread

Afte Monday's little rub (see post above), I really wanted to find a quick answer.

I'm grading my students first homework assignment and there was one code that I kept finding in a few of them that I never saw before, even though I've used this code for 10 years. Keep in mind that this site does have a strict "no students policy". They don't want wind up having the forums being a place where students get their homework done for them.

Anyways, I went back, explained that I was grading and had a question about a code.

I got my answer within 20 minutes (cool, huh?), but I also get an email from one of the mods saying "Keep your questions to work related or technical questions only. Asking for help with grading homework will attract students to our site".

Ummm...OK I understand the logic in that, but if my part time job is teaching, then is my question then not a work related question?

Of course my post got deleted. Luckily I got the answer I needed...still....
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That is very strange.
If you have a part time job as teaching then that question was to do with your work, and how would it encourage students to visit the site??
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that was very rude of them. sorry that happened to you. maybe you will stumble across a better site soon that can help you out better
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Hee hee hee...I'm responding to his email. So far I have:

I’m not trying to start something here, as I understand the reason for removing my post from the site.

However, when you use the term “work-related” shouldn’t you be saying “business related” or somewhere to that nature? The way I see it is teaching is a job, therefore work since there’s more to teaching that just standing in front of a class. So the way I look at it, my post was essentially “work-related”.
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Oh yea, and I think its the same guy that was rude to me in the thread I posted above to.

Never mess with a PMSing tekkie girl
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Aw that sucks...how would the students know just by that post? That seems silly.
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Well my post basically said "I'm going through and grading homework and came across this...what is it?"

I know they have a problem on that site with students going there for getting their code corrected for programming (then turning it in for a grade), but still, my question was what I stated, "What's this? I've never seen it before."
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what was the code? never mind i hate coding.
did you send him a message, that said HELLO i am teacher doing some grading
what part of that is work you fail to understand.
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Yeah, I sent him an email (right before I left). I stated the above then ended with "From now on I will just post for things related to my full time job, rather than my part time job."
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what kind of questions do you generally ask - about html and building sites, or writing software, or technical computer questions?
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