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Ewegenics...gay sheep? lol

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The link is to a Time Magazine article that I came across, while researching a different subject.
Personally, I do not care about anyones sexual preference.
I especially don't care about gay sheep.

"Yep, they're gay."

I did find the article interesting.
Do you think that there may be a biological reason humans and animals are gay?
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I had a little confusion when I read the title...

I could have sworn it said "Ewebonics" instead of "ewegenics", and I was thinking - Now we have a different "baa" for black, ghetto sheep? Yeah, it didn't make any sense to me either.
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Oh Heidi ....
you are on a roll.
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I think, like the author said, there are numerous factors coming into play in human sexuality. One thing I don't like is the idea that it is purely biological-- too many times this fosters an attitude like "Well, they can't help it" like it's some kind of genetic malformation or disease, like Down's or hemophilia. This helps people view it as a disease, and the people afflicted become pitied and tolerated... while that might be better than the outright hatred some people harbor, it's only a smidge better.

As for his point about all women taking some sort of drug/procedure during pregnancy to change their child, I agree that not everyone would do it. I know people personally who would prefer that their kids are gay, and many many more who couldn't care less one way or the other. I know I wouldn't do it, and of the people I know who would do it, their attitude is either homophobic bigotry, in which case, yes, I think everyone's better off if they don't have a gay child anyway, or else they would prefer that their child not be gay because life will be more difficult for them and they don't want their kid to have a hard time of it. The second reasoning is disappearing more and more.
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I remember reading something just like that back in the 80's when i was going to school. did they repeat the study or what.
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errr i couldnt get through the article seemed silly.
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well interesting but......whatever .........when I hear these sort of reports I think ' why cant they spend the money on something that needs more attention ? '
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I must confess...
I didn't read the whole article either.
But it do love it's title.
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