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Golden Bengal?

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Do Bengals ever produce a "red" or "golden"
(as distinct from brown) colored cat, similar in coloration
to the Occi cat's red?

I ask because I have a mixed breed cat and have had
for some time... with obvious pure breed of some kind in her.
She's tabby marked with white throat. She has distinct
markings that are darker on the back and tops of paws
and lighter on the body. Background fur is a lovely pale
apricoty silvery color. Eyes are green with faint blueish centers.
(but not blue eyes). Narrow chest and slinky body, v. delicate
small oval paws. Legs aren't long enough to be the modern
Siamese, but more like the traditional kind. Not whip thin,
but very much resembles a panther when she moves (can
see all the muscles moving under the skin, but isn't
really thin thin...) tiny thing tho... only about 5 lbs full

I suspect its the Siamese gene(s) I am seeing, however there are a few things that make me think Bengal or Mau, even if her ears are not to the
current standard of bat likeness.

Her profile of muzzle for example are not the "typical" Siamese
kind, but it is very distinct and resembles the look of the
Bengal's, the set of the ears on the narrow head, the pronounced muzzle indentation and the setting/shape of eyes in the face.

I love her if she is breed or not because she's the darndest
cat ever! (I thought at one point she was part Abby, because
she is SOOO busy but she isn't loud. she chirrups, esp. when
playing and her meow is v. quiet. Indeed I haven't heard her
meow at all really!.)

She goes in boxes and bags and digs stuff out (esp gym bags and
luggage!), jumps on the dresser and fetches pieces of jewlery down (esp loves shiny silver chaines) and drags to me in bed to play with her, hides in drawers, goes under the covers, has had several water related incidents (lastest involved "floating" her tail in the bath tub while I was bathing in the tub - she didn't even notice her tail was floating ontop/ in the water, LOL! Any other cat would freak at that! She's fallen in and swum once too... and then emerged from bathroom nonchalantly) Is immensely active and busy all the time (until she collapses that is!) and loves being up high. (She won't eat on the floor for example.)

So, is the golden coloration found in pure breeds with Oriental type genes?
Or the Bengal? Or is it just that she's got the golden from her Mom?

I can post pictures of her - she is SOO cute. (And impossible to resist when she jumps up on me and hugs me from behind, LOL!) I put pictures in my work blog, because I thought she was soooo cute, LOL!!
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Ocicats do NOT come in the red color - only 6 basic colors are the tawny, chocolate, blue, lavender, and fawn. Add the "silver" to all those colors for the other 6 accepted colors.

I believe the bengals have the same situation - the "red" is not allowed as it involves the red-sex gene and torties/reds/creams are not allowed in either breed.

If you post pictures - do several from different angles and we will tell you what color she really is
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Red is not a sactioned color for Bengals but it does show up from time to time... Type in red bengal and youll get a few items
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I'd love to see a picture!
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There is a such thing as a 'golden bengal' but its really just a brown spotted tabby(BST) with a pale 'golden' background color and a highly contrasting pattern.

It may or may not be linked to the silver gene. Thats highly debated amongst bengal breeders. But I don't think its the same as, for example, a golden persian or a golden tiger/lion. I think its just selective breeding for clearer coats and higher contrasting. (JMHO)

Here's a link to what most bengal breeders consider to be a golden bengal:

There is also a 'rufousing' coloration of BSTs in the bengal breed that is highly desired by many breeders. They look like they could be genetic reds, but they are not. The best way to tell just by looking is the tail tip. If its black, you have a BST that is highly rufoused:

Also a previous catsite discussion:
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Originally Posted by tiffanyjbt View Post

Here's a link to what most bengal breeders consider to be a golden bengal:

oh my what a beautiful Bengal, those markings are just amazing, he´s a stunner !!!!
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
oh my what a beautiful Bengal, those markings are just amazing, he´s a stunner !!!!
He IS gorgeous, ain't he?
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Okay, check on my blog

I have a picture (only one that would load right) up of Miew
Miew the Magnificent

She's oranage/redish brownish, but notice the faint look where her fur "bunches" in the picture, that shows dark in the light? almost like there's black on her, but there isn't any black I can see on her. The paw pads and nose are a pretty pink btw.

There are 4/5 very separate distinct stripes descending from her head -
over her neck and shoulders like a necklace which I've never seen as clearly on a regular tabby before. These resolve into 3 separate stripes you see on the length of her back. One side of her has distinct spots the other is stripped. (The stripped side is showing in pic.)... She's slightly taller legged in back legs, so the back has a *slight* slope... hard to see unless you are looking for it...Her tail tip is the color of the shading on her muzzle.

She appears "ticked" to me ?? (I've had lots of dark tabbies, never had an orange one of any kind). Tip of the tail is pale creamy faint orange/red. Belly is white/cream with spots of reddish tone.

Whatever she is, I don't think its "pure" anything, but "part something". No matter what, she certainly has those Oriental type behaviors down pat and is a very needy demanding cat. (She hates if I don't pay attention to her, LOL.) Interestingly, she loves my Senior Black Guy - he is 2x her size and wieght and yet, she has him playing (chasing her), grooming and they sleep together. All very cute!
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maybe some oriental /// but she is a lovely dsh red tabby
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OHHHHHHHHH she's a red mackeral tabby Nice color - not too dark (tho darker is preferred in the show ring), but not too light either

The mackeral pattern would have those "spine" stripes - that's typical.

She does look (shape of her head) to have some kind of oriental type in the background. There are red mackeral tabby orientals

BTW all types of tabbys have the "ticking" to some degree. That would include the classic, mackeral, spotted, or ticked tabby.
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Thanks all! I do think she's really a red - which is only 20 percent of tabbies that are red being female according to the vet... something about the genetics of it...

The head shape is wedged, but the muzzle is sort of pinched in a way you don't see on the true Siamese... more like the traditional Siamese or the
more moderate modern type. The ears aren't batlike... tho large at the base, and set close on the head....they stand up more straight than to the side
(currently what you see in the Orientals, Siamese and to some extent the Abbys).

The tiny oval paws and slinky body and just the behaviors she has make me think "Siamese/Oriental" ... not vocal - but needy for human contact, and doing very unusual things like fetching jewlery to me, LOL!!! Or swimming in the tub, LOL...

But she's truely a character, and if I were to show her, I think she'd LOVE it. (The last time I put her in a cattery to board, she wound up roaming free round the inside, visiting other cats outside their cages and meowing up a storm at them... not to mention riding on the attendent's shoulder(s)...

She could probably take first in the domestic altered non pedigree - best in household cat that is.... She definitely charms people...

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Check out the CFA, ACFA, or TICA show calendars and try her out in a close by show - if she's the comfortable with people/cats, she should do fine
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