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cat teeth

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how do the vets possibly know that there is a tooth problem and which ones, do they actually do fillings or just pull it.i cannot see how they can possibly tell which tooth it is. i think he has a bad tooth because he trys to chew the hard treats and spits them out untill he finally swallows it whole
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I don't know much about cat teeth, but I do know they frequently get problems with them - often serious - (especially if they're older kitties) unless you regularly brush them (!) A daunting task for most, to say the least. Vets are much more experienced than we are at detecting problems, but they can tell when there is a problem. I don't know if they x-ray, but they can also tell by touch (with instruments, like a dentist) I believe.

Cats hide pain very well, and this behavior sure sounds like there could be a problem. Best thing to do for your kitty is make an appointment to see the Vet. Problems with teeth can lead to more serious disease problems. Also, the longer you let it go, the more expensive it gets to treat.

Best thing to do is to see the Vet.

Good luck & best wishes for a happy outcome,

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The vet will put the kitty under fully, take a set of mouth x-rays. The will check down along the bottom of the gum line and see if there are any red, swollen areas (down in that gap way down in their mouth) If there are red pockets of swelling it is highly possible kitty has a case of gingivitis or worse yet, stomatis.

Stomatis is an organism that attacks the teeth in a cats mouth and the only way you can get rid of the pain in the cats mouth is to remove the entire tooth and scrape out the root. If it is not a good dental vet, if he leaves any of the organism in the mouth, it is free to attack other teeth and eventually you have a kitty with no teeth, in a lot of pain and eating gruel for the rest of his life. If you do have to take kitty to get oral care make sure it is a vet that specializes in dental work.

Good luck!
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Yeah, cats have problems with their teeth and I definitely agree with LDG, they hide pain well.

If you ask your vet, he/she should be able to tell you what dry cat treats and/or food you can give your cat to keep their teeth healthy. In Australia, I've only noticed one brand, Whiskas, they make these hard chewable funny shaped treats called Dentabits that help promote healthy teeth and gums. I also give Russell a raw chicken wing every week and that helps with the teeth. It has to be raw and you can't cut any of the bones when raw because that will splinter the bone leaving possible shards that can damage kitty's mouth.

Good luck with the vet and your kitty.
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good news on that part, his teeth and gums look good,
i have to wait for the blood test results maybe today.
thanks everyone
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SO GLAD to hear his teeth are O.K.!! So - maybe your kitty just has a strange eating habit! You are not alone! Check this out:



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