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Questionable behavior

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I got two new cats about 3 weeks ago...I had 2 cats about 10 months old already. I took my time introducing them and 3 of them get along great. they clean each other and play with no problem. The problem is my cat that I had first. I bottle-fed her and spoiled her, because she was abandoned. She is not warming up to the two new cats and is pissed at the cat she was with before. She nips them on the ears and growls at them. She will not eat with them and has lost some weight. I am feeding her by herself and paying alot of extra attention to her alone. She will watch them play but will not join in. Once in a while I will catch her sniffing them but thats as close as she will get. I am worried that she will not become friendly with them.I miss her running about the house and playing. What should I do?
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It really is up to her. 3 weeks is still a very short time. My Joji who is 12+ years old has never been friendly to other cats. She still goes around the house with the "leave me alone or else" attitude
However, she accepted the orphan kittens (5 of them) with no problem. I suspect she thinks they are my children (she watched me bottled feed all of them). Try regularly rubbing an old used tshirt of yours on the newcomers. If she is as bonded to you as you say, she may come around to accepting them faster since they will have traces of your scent.
Good luck!
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My oldest can't be bothered with any of them. She just growls and floor slaps at them all. Mind you she's old and grumpy, she even does that to us humans. ha ha ha....I'd say give it more time.
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I agree with the others, keep giving her lots of attention like you are doing, and more time. Keep us posted, and good luck.

Cheers, from
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Our alpha cat, a female, took a couple of months to adjust to the kittens. She doesn't play with them, but she does tolerate them. Give her more time to adjust and keep us posted on how she does!
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