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Stuffed Animals

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My resident cat Zoe love to play with this purple polka dotted dog. It is her size and she carrys it around and then theres the orange dog she uses as a pillow. She also has a teddy bear that shell play fight with but she ripped the little santa hat off and she would rather have that than the teddy bear. She always has it with her, if you tell her go get your hat she will, we even find it in her bed... does anyone elses kittens do that?
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wel my kitty is quite a crazy kitty
She wont carry to stuffed toy he'll try to rip it but never succeds lol
She goes made with one of toy fishes and trys to kill constantly
i've never seen him carry it though
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guess I read the title wrong................I thought you were going to discuss "stuffed animals" as in you know not stuffed toys like something a taxidermist might do sorry...............
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We have a cat named Mew, she's getting up there in age now, but when she was a kitten she was very attached to a stuffed bear I had. Every night at bedtime she would come up and sleep on it, and she would lick this one spot on its cheek, under its eye. She did that for about a year and a half!
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Karma has a ton of stuffed toys. Each one has a different purpose. She loves to cuddle and lick her duck, frog, and 2 little baby tigers. She hates and ignores, infact will run away if you hold it up to her, her cow and pink bear. Why those two we dont know but she can not stand them. She has a tiger about her size that she likes to play with and tries to kill. The tiger is the only one I ever see her carry around. Usually she will take it to a corner of a wall or put it behind a door and then sneak up on it.
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Well, Maia has......

Need I say more She did grow a little out of it and now only plays with it if I do
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