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Tax Time!!

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So I am still waiting on my W-2 but i know a lot of people already have theirs. Where are you going to file your taxes? Online or do you do them yourself. I haven't decided if I am filing them or I am going to let someone do them for me.
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I have always gone to Jackson Hewitt and they treat us good and we get great returns. Also at Jackson Hewitt they can (in most cases now) download your w-2 for you off the internet. Here is a link:
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I use TurboTax every year. I started using it last year and I love it. I costs about the same (if not alittle less) than having someone else do it, plus I have the immediate gratification of doing it myself. If I had really complicated taxes and questions, even though TT guides you through it I probably would then hire someone though.
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I send all my stuff to my dad- and he has our accountant do them
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I did mine online with taxact. I do them every year I actually did them the day I got my W-2 and should have my refund this week. I only use EZ now though so for me it's pointless to go through a CPA.. Whenever my taxes get more complicated in the future I will use my mom's tax guy because he rocks.
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Since we own our own business, we have a personal accountant. She'll be filing our taxes....I just can't wait to see the damage.
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Originally Posted by maddensmom View Post
Since we own our own business, we have a personal accountant. She'll be filing our taxes....I just can't wait to see the damage.
same here, we don't have to file until April 30th (we don't get our W2 type forms until the end of Feb though) and because we own a business, an pay installments on the tax, have until June 15th to file the paperwork
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Finally got my last W-2 last night and finished my return. I use TurboTax on the Web and e-filed last night.
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I use the H &R block software. I think I bought them last year since they had a better deal than Turbo Tax, but in anycase they also taught me how to save on taxes for next year (but I don't remember all that now).
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I'm hoping to use TurboTax... but our files from previous years have disappeared and I think you need info from last year to do it on Turbo Tax this year.

Either way, I like doing it myself... I love Math and like figuring out how much money I get!
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The year we got married, our taxes were complicated and we had an accountant do it. Now, though, they are really simple. We can't do the EZ because we itemize, but I use Turbo Tax, and it's so easy. It's just fill in this number from box 4d or whatever.

I got my W-2 already because I got it online, but DH didn't and his won't be mailed til today.
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My best friend is a accountant so she does my taxes for me. Mine are really straight forward it takes her about 15 minutes to do the calculations.
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I did mine on Turbo Tax online for FREE and e-filed, my taxes are pretty simple so I can't see paying someone to do what I can very easily do
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We have FIL's accountant do ours every year. Costs an arm and a leg but with a rental property and all that fun stuff, it's just a PIA to do it ourselves. This way our booties are covered, if the IRS comes calling.
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This is my first year filing them and I honestly have NO clue how this works. I dont know if I have to pay someone up front. If I do I wont be filling them out because I am way too broke to pay some one to fill out my taxes!
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