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Macy is home

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My poor girl she was so glad to be home but when I first got to the vets she seemed very confused. When we got home Lucky our outside dog approached her and she yelped and put her foot out on Lucky before Lucky even really got that close to her. Dad said he thought she was afraid Lucky would jump on her. When we got here she went straight for the water dish. And then she got sick she drank it way too fast so we had to take the water away. Now she is obsessing over wanting water but we are going to wait a while because we don't want her to get sick again. I could barely take my bath for her trying to get the water. I don't have any way to lock her up because for some reason the privous owner of this place never thought doors was important on ANY of the rooms not even the bathroom and since dad simply took it as an abandoned trailor and redone it so he'd have a place to live until his house was built he never put any doors up either. Dad gave her some pain meds the vet sent with her and I didn't see any sign of them when she threw up sorry to be gross, so I think she got them down. She hasn't attempted eating yet she just wants water. She goes back on the 14th to get her stitches out.
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awww bless little Macy, hopefully the meds got into her OK. Hows she doing now ? Is she settling down a bit.

heres sending some calming get well soon ((((( vibes ))))) for Macy

keep us posted !
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Poor Macy. I'm sure it'll take a while for her to start feeling better. Being spayed is a big operation.
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Glad she is home, hope she is feeling better soon!
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Whoops again! Posted in the other thread! Glad she's home and is doing okay . It took Mattie a day or so to get to feeling like eating, but she did eat a little canned catfood first . Hope she's feeling a lot (but not too much ) perkier tomorrow .
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Well I came in from work and her tail was just a going. I missed my girl so much I thought about her all day. Her and Tavia and Lilly are my special girls. She is already back to leaning on me. She has this habit of propping herself up against us. Every boxer I ever met was like that.
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