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Benson Update

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So Benson has been with us for 1 1/2 months now. He has been a evil kitty.
He was 5lbs when we found him and today he is 8lbs.

We had a very rough first 2 weeks. I was staying up till 2-3am b/c he was always into things or fighting with Lucky. Benson was neutered just before the holidays and things have really calmed down. He is now best friends with Lucky. Lucky's ears and behind have never been so clean. Lucky had p/u surgery 3 years ago and ever since he has had a dirty bottom and smells like urine. I have tried bathing Lucky over and over and he never would get clean. Now we found out Lucky has white hair in certain areas. LoL

It was tough at first w/ Ben & Lucky. Ben was using his nails too much and biting under Lucky's neck. I had to break them up a few times and lecture Lucky about being the aggressive kitty. It really worked. A can of coins has been a lifesaver. The water bottle didn't phase him.

Molly on the other hand doesn't like Benson. Molly prefers to play by herself, chasing her glitter balls & hiding them. Benson loves to wrestle. The first week these two would lay together but not anymore. I don't think this will ever change sadly.

I think Ben is almost over his teething. He had two sets of fangs on the top for a few days and the baby teeth finally fell out. We found some baby molars too. He still likes to eat cardboard boxes. He never uses the scratching box with his claws. Instead he likes to bit it. I fear the day we have to move if he doesn't grow out of this habit.

Ben is very fond of DH. Always loving, purring & cuddling in the morning. I get the crazy hours like 11am & 11pm. A few times Ben has cuddled with me while I am on the pc. He loves to chase the cursor.

Ben has one bad habit I don't know how to break. He watches Lucky/Molly use the litter box and chases them just as they step out of the box. Any ideas how to break this?

Here are photos of Benson taken today
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Rambo does that with Lucky too....I ended up getting covered litter box (and now I use a large, deep rubbermaid container with a lid, and a whole cut in the top), in order to keep him from pouncing on her before she's finished with her business (he did this a few times and what a mess!).

I might suggest looking into something like that....at least then they can do their business in peace. The usually still have a game of chase when she comes out of the litter box....
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