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Radio question of the day: 01/31/07

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What stresses you out in your life? If so, how do you handle it?
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Money issues. I try to keep enough money to handle whatever comes up!
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My job and living in the city both stress me out equally. I deal with it by a) eating ... not healthy I know, b) spending time with Anya, and last but not least, c) spending time on TCS.
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Money, Work, my new kitty, not feeling well and not being able to get over it.
These things stress me over and over. But I will overcome and things will get better. They always do.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
Money issues.
some time the bills that we need to pay...

With Tequila!....Just kidding, try to not thinking about it and get calm
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Money and my job. The money situation has gotten better recently because I went from working 25 hours a week to 40.5 hours a week and got a 25 cent raise. I usually just deal with the stress from work. It's only a job and its only either 7.5 or 8.5 hours a day.
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My unemployment. There's not much I can do about it- besides keep sending out resumes. I keep saying prayers daily, and keeping a positive attitude.
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Money, work and family's health problems in various orders each day.

As for dealing with it, like Emily, eat, spend time with the kitties or on here
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Work. I've found the best way to handle it is to have surgery twice and be out on disability for 3 months

Other than that, I'm not handling it very well Money stresses me out too but I'm one of those people who stress about things they probably shouldn't.
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People stress me out....

Jumping on one bandwagon and instantly jumping on another without thinking of the consequences or the truth of the matter ....

I sleep to get over it!
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money, and I deal with it by remembering how amazing my life is, and I have a lot more than most people. nothing like a reality check to make all your problems seem insignificant and I stress over my cats getting sick and beyond but I chose this, so I just have to deal, TCS helps a lot with that
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my job, school, money(but not too much), by best friends mom's cancer,my mom, colin, things like that- i get stressed out really easily!!!! it really doesn't take much to make me stress. I usually work out, play music, pet an animal, or eat to deal with it-haha and sometimes a good stiff drink helps too

Also- when i get SUPER stressed sometimes i'll get a cold sore on my mouth. Anyone else get them? I've gotten them since i was a little girl! Uhhhh those are soo annoying! I have one now that decided to show up this morning Thankfully i don't get them too often.
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Money (even though I shouldn't stress about it, since it's not supposed to be important to me) and my job. I deal with it by reminding myself I much I have to be grateful for, and prayer, of course. Gotta have faith!
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Moslty it is going 3 different jobs at work. I do reception, dispatch and fundraising support right now. We are hireing more people but it's a little nuts. I normally deal by going home petting the cat having a small glass of baileys (not every day but the bad ones)
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My job.

I mostly think of other things (my hubby, my kitties, vacations) to deal with it, and/or have a glass of wine when I get home. Or some days I just really can't take it and go home early.
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I don't really get stressed because i've seen what it can do to people If the girls are ill i do, but *touches wood* thankfully that isn't often
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
People stress me out....

Jumping on one bandwagon and instantly jumping on another without thinking of the consequences or the truth of the matter ....

I sleep to get over it!

You know, I often agree with you, but I think today a bit more than others...
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Work stresses me the most. I deal by joking and trying to look at the bigger picture. Praying helps a lot too. I used to say my co-workers helped, but lately that's a bit less. Once I get home for the day I eat, get on here, read or take a nap...or maybe 2 or 3 or 4of thoes things!
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I get stressed from worrying about my family everyone is so far away from me, and I'm scared of getting a phone call that something bad has happened.
Also worrying about my best friend and her mom who is in the hospital and not doing good at ALL and not to mention that same friend's husband has been missing for over a year, its just too much for her.
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My mother. My solution is minimal contact. Moving out of the country didn't hurt, either.

Cheers, from
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My biggest thing is my physical limitations. It really annoys me that I can’t do the things that I used to be able to do or go to places that are not accessible.

It’s funny how things have turned around. These days going to work is a good thing because it keeps me occupied and gets me out of the house.

But even so the best part of my day is when I open that front door and find Chester waiting for me. He has made my life so much better. I am so lucky to have found him.
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Fighting ban bills that threaten my right to own my exotic cats
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I stress very easily. Mostly it's worrying over Sash. But really, a lot of things stress me out. I hate having to do too many things at once, learning new things, I HATE being rushed, family gatherings, all of these things stress me out. I handle it by smoking, having a cup of coffee, having a glass of wine, praying, sleeping-although if I'm too stressed I usually can't sleep. The best stress reliever though, is Sash. Just giving my boy a big hug and kiss always helps me feel more relaxed.

I rarely stress about money though. Strange.
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