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Really need mega vibes for one of my SIL's  

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Just a quick post as I don't want to tie up my phone line. I just received a call from another SIL who along with her sis is on their way (they should be there) for their remaining sister. She has been having heart pains and had a procedure done today where something with putting something in her femoral artery. Anyhow there was some narrowing discovered but shortly after that she became unresponsive. The doc may transfer her to another hospital (they are kind of connected. She has had health problems and is only 54. Her hubby is OTR driver and not home currently. So its wait and see for now.
I will try to update when I know more.

My niece (her daughter) called and said my SIL has/had a blood clot lodged in her brain. The doc were going to inject a drug through her cartoid artery to try to dissolve the clot-if it bursts she is ready for surgery. My niece was was a operating room tech at these two hospital was very upset.
I had to take Bakker to the vet for his appt and there was a message on my answering machine that she is at the other hospital but that was all she said. I don't have their mobile #'s either!! Neil is done with work in about 30 minutes and works about 10 minutes away from hospitals so he is going there.
All I know for now-still trying to reach a couple of BIL's as they don't know about this yet.
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Gail- I'm sending all the vibes and prayers I can
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Sending {{{huge}}} vibes your SILs way!!!!!
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MANY vibes headed your SIL way...........
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and prayers to all!
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)))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((

Oh Gail I´ll Sending good and well wishes to SIL´s...
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Vibes and prayers on the way!
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All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Tons of vibes for her!
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{{{{{vibes}}}}} Lots of vibes for your SiL,
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Vibes to everyone involved!! You'll be in my thoughts.
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I'm sending tons of vibes your way Gail!!
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Oh no Gail I am sending many vibes that she will be okay{{{}}}
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sending out prayers for your family Gail....
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Many prayers for your SIL and your family.
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I added more info to my orignal posting.
Thanks everyone!!
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She is in my prayers!!
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I'm at the hospital with the rest of the family-she is in surgery to try to control bleeding in her brain by putting in a drain. She has had a stroke on the left side of her body. This is the only hope for survival. More vibes needed please
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She's in my thoughts and prayers.
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I so hope this works! Sending out "recover completely and quickly" vibes!

What is her first name?

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oh how awful! sending recovery vibes out! for everyone
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{{{vibes}}} and prayers for your SIL Gail.
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Oh my goodness, this sounds awful. Sending some major vibes for her recovery. {{{{}}}}
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Your SIL and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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We are home my SIL is Barb. The surgeon gives her a 30% chance the next 5-9 hours are still very critical. When we were leaving the hospital one of her daughter's said the pressure was going back up in her brain. There is a tube in there plus the surgeon left the flap open and she also has lines in her in case tey need more surgery. The cardiologist who did her earlier procedure apologized for this happening as having a clot is very very rare.
So hoping for the best is all I can say. I have dentist appt early tomorrow and then go back to hospital but there is computer in waiting room so depending I might be able to update.
Thanks everyone!!
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I just read this, saying prayers for her, especially for these upcoming hours tonight.
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Continuing my prayers & vibes for Barb & your whole family.
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Prayers for Barb and your whole family in this difficult time.
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Oh Gail, I just read this and I am so sorry. You and your SIL are in my prayers tonight
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I'm sorry to hear things aren't going so well - but I'm glad to hear she's still with us and there's still hope.

Keeping her (and your family) in my prayers....

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