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Cure for red-X disease

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That is fantastic LOL. Where did you find it???
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I'm glad you like it! I ripped it off from Hole.com, one of my inter-net haunts.



Hole's lead singer Courtney Love:
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Cool!!! I shall go have a sticky beak!!!! Thanks.
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great! I want that too!!
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Mr.Cat! how can I have it? That hole.com is closed. Only the message board was open...?
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Hey mr Cat is that a good forum????? what is it about? if I register it asks for a referrer can I put you?
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It'll take you ages to find that image at the Hole.com message board, which is where I found it. Just right-click on the red X in my original post, select "Save Picture As..." and save the image to your local machine; or copy the address http://mistercat.bravepages.com/images/lapink.gif and feel free to use it!

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I personally think Hole.com is an amazing message-board site! Mind, it's all a matter of personal taste as to whether or not you like it; but you won't know if you don't check it out via the time-honored tradition of lurking.

The board was created by Courtney Love, lead singer of the band Hole; and it's operated by Brooke Barnett, who is the webmistress. Nothing is sacred there, so be prepared for all manner of posts and threads.

And yes, if they ask for a reference feel free to say Mr. Cat sent you! Hole.com was my first inter-net home, where I met a number of good people with whom I've remained cyber friends these past two years; and although most of our "Hole.commie" Class of 2000 has moved on, I still go back to see what's happening from time to time.


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Thanks it does sound interesting.......are there many people worth chatting to? As far as
Nothing is sacred there, so be prepared for all manner of posts and threads.
Thats okay so long as you don't tell on my for being naughty if I need to be LOL.
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I shall not "tell" on you, I promise! Now, instead of me composing tomes describing Hole.com you should just go there and look around. I'm going to bed!


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LOL okay okay.....I have joined. Thanks for your help. Sleep tight.
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Thanks for the new avatar
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When I first opened this thread, I thought, oh damn that bloody x-in-a-box-thing. Then it moved! LOL. I really really really hate the red x. Woo hoo for the 'cure'!
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Oh Joe!!! Leave it to you to find something SOOOOO cute!!!! I saved it to my documents so I could use it sometime!!! That is adorable!!! I love it!!
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So, what became of the little red-X cat in your avatar? Well, right now my storage site (Bravenet.com) isn't working; so here's our little friend:
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Originally posted by Mr. Cat
So, what became of the little red-X cat in your avatar?
No kidding Lhezzza! I commented last night on that new avatar in another thread. Now it's a tulip, which is nice, don't get me wrong, but the post was directed at red x kitty!
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I liked it better than the tulip, too.
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Well, I think it's nice too, but I'm so tired from walking back to Pennsylania from Scotty's in Death Valley, I can't possible go anywhere else, not even a website. Any explanations for stranding us while you flitted with Britany, Mr. Cat?
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Alas, all good things must come to and end; and so it was with our road trip. Contributory enthusiasm waned to the point I figured the thread had run its course.

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Well, look who the cat dragged in! It's great to see you here, Weaver Babe. Yes, we're quite fond of that busy little cat whose goal in life is to eliminate all red Xs.


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My oh my, I'm not one to gossip, but weaver babe's biography is "Mr. Cat Rules." Have we found your real true love, Mr. Cat? Ah, the thought of the broken hearts here at TCS is beyond the imagination!
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Hey Joe!

you need to get that cat to think outside the box and set it out to cure all the red x's on this board! Cute cute cute! Thanks for sharing!
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Hissy, you're quite right: The red-X cat needs to work within a wider radius, cyber-wise. However, it has come to my attention Lhezzza has given that cat a home as her avatar; therefore, we must go speak with her about this. Yoo hoo, Lhezzza!


Alas, Jeanie G., Weaver Babe's heart has long since been stolen by another! We're "old school" cyber friends, but there's a significant age difference between us; and although that doesn't stand in the way of our being friends, it makes (shall we say) any other manner of relationship moot — not to mention the fact I live at Portland in Oregon and Weaver Babe lives at Saffron Walden in England!

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True love knows no distance, neither miles nor age, Mr. Cat! I'm glad your good friend has joined us. I am drawn to people from the UK, since most of my family is still there!
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huge apologies for bumping n old thread but does anyone still have the cure for red x on their computer as its gone from joes original post please

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He attached it on the second page

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om g so he did...thanks sam your a genius !

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My pleasure Weaver Babe!
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