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sneaky little twerp

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Marcie has figured out that she can jump. My husband and I have been trying to keep her from discovering this ability, but she has finally figured out that she can jump on the washing machine. I fear that the kitchen counters will not be too far away. The main problem is catching her in the act. She knows that what she is doing is wrong so she doesn't do I when we are awake or around. How do I keep her from doing these things when I am not around? She actually likes foil and doesn't seem to mind citrus or vinegar. I asked my hubby to pick up some bitter apple spray tonight, but will that actually keep her off of these surfaces? I have thought that mousetraps up there would work, but I would hate to hurt her. I just want to discourage this activity. She has plenty of other places that she can be up high, I just don't want her on the washer or the counters....
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There's something called a 'scat mat' but I've never used it. My cats know where they are allowed and where they arent. Start young, tell them firmly NO when they go where they're not supposed to. Clap your hands loud at the same time. That works for me. Saki starts meowing all pathetically when I do this while he's on the kitchen counter Then he finally gets down. He knows he's being bad hehe.
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Ahhhh cats going where they aren't supposed to be.

Mine know that being on the counter near the sink is NOT allowed, so they do it when I'm in the shower.

How do I know? The minute I turn off the water, I hear a loud KATHUMP right outside the door. By the time I come out, they are lying there on the floor looking all innocent.

Try using double-stick tape on the surfaces you want them off of...that might work.
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yes the sscat mat or a sccat can will do the trick. I am glad you ruled out mousetraps. yikes !!

It's a cat's nature to jump and check everything in their territory. Good luck swimming up stream.
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