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Litter for Asthma Kitties

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What kind of litter do you use for your asthmatic cat?
I am using the tidy cat crystals/clay but lately it has been quite dusty and the clay is getting smaller and smaller. The past two days Molly has had an attack while in the litter pan. I need a inexpensive brand.
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Have your tried egg layer crumble ??? works as good as world s best for about 10 bucks for 50lbs
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Have your tried egg layer crumble ??? works as good as world s best for about 10 bucks for 50lbs
Never heard of it. Can you find it at petco?
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Feed store ie a store that sells horse food
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I have always used "Yesterday's News" for cats/kittens that cannot tolerate litter. It is really meant for ferrets but it is a great product & inexpensive.
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Uno has asthma and I just use the Pet Gold litter that you can refill the big 30 lb. buckets with at Petco, it is pretty cheap and he has not had any problems with the litter. I have noticed that about every 4th time I refill the bucket it seems to be more dusty and smaller granules but still no problems.

If you don't mind my asking what are you treating your kitty with for the asthma, maybe there is a better way of treating it so he does not have as many flare ups. I hardly ever have trouble now with Uno and asthma, it seems to have gotten better over the last 6-9 months and I hardly do anything as far as treatment, but I know there are lots of options out there. When he does have an attack I use the Aero Kat inhaler with either the steroid inhaler if it is really bad, or I use the Albuterol inhaler if it is a mild attack. If he refuses to let me do that then a few days of Prednisone clears him right up and he is good to go for another few months. Currently he is going on almost 6 months asthma free!
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We don't treat Molly for the asthma. It's only seasonal and this is the peak of the season. We tried antihistamines but they aren't working anymore. Lately when she has an attack I bring her to the window and open it up. (it's in the 20's here). Her asthma flares up from thanksgiving till march. Some days are good others not so good. She can have 5-10 attacks a day.
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I would talk with your vet about treating Molly more aggressively for her asthma. Untreated, or poorly treated, it can cause death. And it can make a huge difference in her quality of life.
If you don't have asthma, it is hard to understand how bad you can feel - even when you are't wheezing. It is possible to be so tight that you can't wheeze.
The preventive meds can be given seasonally, just start about 2 weeks before the "season."
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I have no idea if it can be found in the US but we have an environmentaly friendly sand called Majsan. Its a bi-product of the woods-industry. Not sure in the translation if its from processing lumber or from the paper industry. Its very fine sand which my cats love and dust free- which my asthma kitty loves! Its also clump-building! Awesome!

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