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When will it be over?!?

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My I feel absolutely terrible today (again).

Thank God DH has been absolutely terrific, and thank God he can live off French Fries and 5 minute foods.

Last night I spent all day in bed with my son. Around 7 or so DH finished working on the car and came up to eat. Well I dragged my butt out of bed and I was hungry but with a passion. My stomach felt like it was being ripped out of my abdomen, and I didnt want to eat anything that was at home because I wanted Pizza Hut!

So I started bawling like a little baby because my stomach hurt and everything else. Thinking about it today I feel like an absolute fool. I have never believed in pregnant womans cravings, because when I was PG with my son I never got a single out of this world craving.

DH promised he would take me to Pizza Hut tonight, and I forced down a light turkey sandwich because I honestly cannot stomach anymore. I can barely brush my teeth without gagging!

Ive tried the peppermints, but as soon as its gone I just get naseous because of the taste it leaves in my mouth. Does anyone know of something I can eat that will soothe my upset stomach?

When will this be over! I have a feeling this pregnancy is going to be an emotional roller coaster
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I truely hope it is over soon. I hope your pg is not like my cousins. She is sick like you are now the whole 9 months. Fortunate for her she didn't work.
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I'm sorry - some pregnancies are rougher than others. Best wishes with yours.
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No advice here I'm afraid- I'm just hoping it will be all worth it when you hold that beautiful baby in your arms for the first time
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I'm so sorry that this is so hard for you. Its been almost 2 decades since I was last pregnant but I always heard that eating crackers (Saltines, etc) first thing in the morning even before getting out of bed helps lots of women. My hubby swears by it...not that he's ever been pregnant of course...but he has a sensitive kinda tummy and crackers sure do it for him.

Good luck...hope you're feeling better soon...
Hilda >^..^<
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Saltines were the only thing that helped me, and I had really, really bad morning sickness for the first trimester.

Hang in there!
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Chamomile tea usually helps with any kind of stomach pain, nausea, etc. Lipton has a very nice one with a touch of orange. It's called queitly chamomile. You can get it at any local grocery store. I would try that and see how you feel.
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Originally Posted by Hilda>^..^< View Post
My hubby swears by it...not that he's ever been pregnant of course...

Good luck...hope you're feeling better soon...
Hilda >^..^<
Sorry but this really got me laughing! Thank you for the wonderful advice though, I will definately stock up on Saltines
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Aw hun.. I'm sorry your having such a hard time.

A woman I work with threw up EVERYDAY for her WHOLE pregancy..OMG!! I would die!!
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Try sniffing slices of fresh lemons, eating 10-12 raw almonds and some say those "sea bands" you wear on your wrists for motion sickness will help.

My morning sickness lasted 14 weeks.
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Just wanted to add though, I hope this only lasts the first trimester! I remember with my son the only thing that made me naseous was brushing my teeth, whenever I would have to brush my tongue I would usually end up throwing up (yuck!) and have to start all over again.

But this time around everything is messing me up! Im actually chewing on gum right now, and as long as I keep chewing I feel ok, but as soon as the flavor wears out im gonna have to get some more

Please let me have some apittite (sp?) for Pizza Hut! I love the cheese sticks and the buffalo wings!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Aw hun.. I'm sorry your having such a hard time.

A woman I work with threw up EVERYDAY for her WHOLE pregancy..OMG!! I would die!!
Oh NO! I hope this does not happen to me because I will definately die! I have heard horror stories (mostly on of women who have had sickness their whole pregnancy and even during the labor were sick as dogs!
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baked chicken, plain white rice, stoneybrook farm's "yo baby" yogurt.(you can find it at wal-mart and your local grocery store) It's great stuff- natural and organic- and also- it's formulated for a baby's sensitive digestive tract- so it's easier to digest and won't make you as sick- i have a plethera of GI issues- and this is by far the best yogurt i've tried,saltine crackers- also, if you can tolerate those- you might be able to tolerate some of the better flavored crackers, popcorn, dry cereal, a chicken quesadilla- with two flour tortillas- put a little turkey or chicken in the middle- then a light white cheese (easier on the stomach than the others for the most part- try provolone)- spray a little pam in the frying pan- then brown both sides- it's yummy, but great for people with a sensitive stomach!, baked turkey - some of the light cheeses like monzerella and provolone might not aggervate you as much as others- so try those, chammomile tea, pasta with a little pinch of butter and italian dressing (stay away from zesty italian of you're having heartburn that is not medically treated- it might make you vomit), little cheese raviolis with a light parmesean type alfredo sauce, things like that- just try out a few at a time and see what you can tolerate I hope you feel better soon. / Oh and we're sooo much alike too! After every single surgery i've had- the first thing i want to eat is Pizza Hut's cheesebread stick & sauce!! It's amazing!!!
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If the crackers don't help try Ginger, either ginger snaps (plain ginger cookies) or a piece of crystalize ginger, first thing in the morning.
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My best friend threw up everything for about 3 solid months.....everything except angel hair pasta (only angel hair) with a smidgen of butter and a dab of sauce and no more and the bryers fruity popsicles. None of the other tricks worked for her. So maybe try a little of that and see how it goes. I hope you find something that suits you soon!
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