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Help! Cats Fighting While I'm at Work?

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I have posted for advice here before and received a lot of very helpful responses, so I hope the same thing happens again!

I recently (just over a month ago) adopted a second cat - another rescued maine coon. The cats were slowly introduced, and despite some initial hissing by the original cat, the transition went smoothly. Both cats have been around other cats before, so this wasn't a total shock to them. Both cats are adult (between 5-6 years). Though, my original maine coon, did have me to herself for just over a year...

Occasionally there is some play-fighting (kitty kung fu), but for the most part they seem fine. Litter boxes are used, with no bullying. Food is eaten. They are drinking water... and both get lots of one-on-one attention/petting/ play time with me.

So, I was suprised this morning, when I was petting the original cat, and noticed a spot of missing fur on her jaw, with some dried blood!
I can only assume that this was from a cat fight.
The new cat had a rough upbringing... so he might just be accustomed to playing rougher than my original cat.

Do you think they are fighting while I'm at work?
Should I separate them during the day again?

Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.

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You might have to be more careful when you're away - to even keep them in separate rooms. Male cats will definitely exert themselves to dominate females without any provocation, neutered or not, and because they are stronger, whatever their size, you need to protect your girl if you're not around, in her own room, with a box, water, toys, and a bed. However, if it means that he has the run of the place all the time and she's a prisoner, you might either give him his own room too, or else switch them around, so both their scents are all over and both have a chance to live in the main areas.
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I have come home to find little scratches by Zoey's ear before, I assume from Saki rabbit kicking her. I try to keep all their nails cut so to lessen the chance of injury.
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yeah... trimming the nails sounds like a good idea. Is there some sort of medicine that will help the spot heal?

My only concern with separating them is that they might become less integrated... they seemed to be doing so great! They touch noses and lie near each other when I'm home.

How do you know if it's "ok" or not?
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I have put a small bit of neosporin on my cats cuts before, but the problem is they will usually end up licking it off. I would just clean it gently with warm water and a mild soap. If its not too bad it should heal up on its own.

Zoey and Saki can get rough but they never really hurt each other except for a little nick here and there. I think your cats sound pretty much normal in that they get along but have the occasional scuffle while playing. You will know if cats are really REALLY fighting, it is a most horrible sound.
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I would separate them when your not at home & then when you are play with them together.
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