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She loves the SNOW!!!

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i've never had a cat that LOVES the snow. I can NOT keep Kricket out of it. We had our first decent snow last week and i had to let Kricket see what it was like...yea i got the first paw print and first step out into the snow pictures but I also have some more from last night when we had what i like to call a mini 30 minute blizzard....i couldnt get her back in the apartment.

here we go....

Krickets first footprint in the snow

all 4 feet down in the snow, very curious but a little weary of the white stuff

watching the snow fall

trying to catch snowflakes....hence why the pics blurry (ok it was my fault too)

look at all that snow on her back.....i COULD NOT convince her to come in, i tried every treat in the house, she finally came in when the plow went up the street. (shes afraid of cars and bolts back into the apartment when one goes by)

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That's crazy! I have always introduced my kitties to snow hoping that they will like it. I once had a cat that thought he liked the snow and ran to the back of the yard. I think the coldness kicked in and he just froze crying for help.
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Look at that sweet silly girl She looks so beautiful in the snow
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Awwww she's amazed with it isn't she!
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She loved the snow Awwwwwwwww look at her first paw print
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that's soo sweet.. I wasn't brave enough to l=et my cats go out in it!!
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She is beautiful in that furcoat of hers
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Wow that is pretty crazy!!!
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I can't believe she stayed out in the snow!!! None of mine even like to watch it from the windows, they all hide!
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Awww!!! What pretty pictures of a beautiful girl!! And I thought Lilo was a little odd because she loves to play in the snow!!
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thanks for the comments...shes my little nutcase. if she sees that it is snowing she will go and sit by the door and meow over and over again until i let her out to play in it. just weird!!
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