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How often do you empty and clean litter pan

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I have two cats and am using Wal-Mart's "Special Kitty" clumping crystal litter for multiple cats. I scoop the lumps twice daily. With this litter there is no odor, it clumps really hard and seems to be the best I've used so far. My question is, how often should I actually empty the litter and wash the litter box. As I scoop I add new litter each time so there is no build up of old urine & poop. Empting the box is a chore I don't like. Would appreciate advice.
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We actually use the same litter. It conceals odor ok I suppose. When Reeses goes #2 it's hard to disguise sometimes

The bag says you never have to change it completely but I don't believe in that. I'd say we probably clean it out every 2-3 weeks. Just when the litter really starts looking "worn out". I usually scoop once or twice a day into a PetMate Litter Locker
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I do mine every other week to once a month. It really depends how dirty the box looks. Sometimes the cats get pee or poo on the side.
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Here is what I do. There are 5 litter boxes in the house. I scoop them all twice daily....once in the morning, and once in the evening. Each litter box gets a thorough cleaning once every 5 weeks, since there are 5. I have it marked on a calender so I know which litter box to clean each week. I do it on Sundays. Instead of throwing all the litter away, I scoop it out with a cup and put it in a mesh strainer and shake it into a pan. Whatever doesn't fall through the strainer gets thrown away....this is usually small pee pieces of litter that were small enough to fall through the litter scooper but not small enough to fall through the strainer. Once the box is all emptied out, I take it outside. I put dishwashing detergent in it, take it outside, put some water in, and scrub it down with a brush. Once it's rinsed, I pour Clorox in it and put more water in it. Then I let it soak for 40 minutes....10 minutes on each side (I lean it on something so the water goes up the side of the box...which is a large rubbermaid container). Once soaked for 40 minutes, I rinse it out again and then let it dry out in the sun....if the sun is out. If no sun, then I just towel dry it. The litter that was sifted through and is now sitting in a gets dumped back into the cleaned litter box and a little more is added if needed.
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I use Tidy cats Crystals so I change it once a month like the bottle says 1 cat 1 month
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The straining is an excellent idea. I really hate to throw it all out especially since I add fresh every time I scoop. I live in an apt. where we are not allowed pets so I clean the litter box in the bathtub and then clean the tub really good. Thanks
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We have a huge enclosed litterbox. I scoop it twice a day (morning and night). I really hate dumping the litter and cleaning the box, but Oberon insists on peeing against the side of the box so I have to clean it every 3-4 weeks. If he didn't do that, I don't think I'd ever have to dump it because there's so much litter in it.

Cheers, from
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I have one large covered box with clumping litter (and used by 2 cats). I scoop twice a day and wash out either the tray or hood approx once a week - ie one weekend I'll do the base and the next the hood, although it's often more than a week between cleanings. To wash it I scrub with washing up liquid and rinse then spray it with a commercial litter tray cleaner/disinfectant and wipe clean. If I'm doing the base I scoop and empty the clean litter into a large bag and when I'm done cleaning it I return the litter. I start over with new litter approx every 4-6 weeks but I have gone longer. If they use the sides of the tray and there is pee or poop on the actual tray I'll spray some of the cleaner/disinfectant onto a paper towel and wipe the area with that. I also do that to the inside of the hood from time to time between proper cleanings.
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I have 4 litter boxes used by 5 cats. I scoop them a couple times a day, and dump and bleach out every other week.

We use whatever really. Used to be the Simplicity Plus Clumping with the little crystals in it, but the petstore stopped selling it in the big bags. So if there's none of that then we get the big bags of the store brand. Kitties Best i think it's called.
They aren't picky on their litter. We've used likely almost every clumping brand around.
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About once a month.
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we have 4 boxes, 3 cats; and i scoop 2-4 times daily. i had been completely changing and washing the box every 2 weeks. but i am switching to the wal-mart special kitty crystal scoop litter. we have it in one box, it's less dusty and seems to hold up better than the unscented scoop from the grocery store. i also like that it comes in a bag, instead of plastic. i expect that if i switch all the boxes we should be able to go 3-4 weeks between changes. which would save a bit of money for us, since things are tight this year. the guys seem to like the walmart litter.
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1 box 2 cats and I scoop daily, and fully clean it once a week or every two weeks. (perhaps a little too obsessive lol).
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