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my cats are going CRAZY

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Good Morning,

All of a sudden my two cats have begun wreaking havoc. The cute little sisal scratch posts with the ball on top? well they devoured it figuratively speaking with yarn fluff all over their room. And today they went crazy, absolutely nuts on the blinds breaking one piece and seriously bending the other. they also jumped on the table and placemats flew everywhere. Between late nite and early morning they totally zap out like mad. I mean, one time they ran after each other so hard over the bed they didn't even realize they pounced my face in the process.

What really takes the cake though, it is like they know they are wrong. WHen I come downstairs, they look at me, like "Oh, ****, we're screwed" and begin to run.

Besides these times they are fine. I know they have to play but lately they have become maniacs, I am more worried because of my SO, he has really bent over backward to accomodate them and they never even go to him, only me. Why are they zapping out so. I want them to be cats but not ruin my house. they have their own room with all the perches, and window space and the blinds stay open 24/7, but they are ruining the downstairs and I don't understand why. I know they are animals and they are not tame, but is there anyway to quell this thirst for living room zanies. they are due to be fixed next Tuesday, some say this will come them down. I don't want to ruin their natural drive, but I just can't understand why they can't happlily be crazy in their very spacious room with all the comforts of cat-dom. They aren't moaning or anything like they are in heat, just once in a while at night they will meow like they are callign someone briefly, will spaying snap them out of this behavoir or is this what kittens do? they turned five months on january 20 according to the latest date I got, otherwise according to the vet they are 4 months and 1 week. the rescuer and the vet differ by 3 weeks in their opinions...
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Teenagers cats do the teenage thing just like people. Try to give them as much energetic play time as you can with wand toys and chasing things, mine like rolled up bits of paper, to help use up their surplus energy.
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Welcome to the world of "teenage" kitties!

I have two that are 8 months and at times they can really go at it.

Running from room to room like idiots - check
Bouncing off walls, tables, desks, people and each other - check
Sliding across floors on floor rugs - check
Climbing on curtains and or blinds - check

They are just chuck full of energy and are having a ball using it up

Lazer pointers are great to exercise and get them tired especially before bed. Feather toys are also good.

At least you only have two. I have the two that are 8 months but I also have three other adults that can at times play in the same kind of fashion.

Imagine 5 cats running around at full speed up the stairs and launching themselves into the bed, that you are sleeping in, only to jump around and then dash back down the stairs again

Sometimes from downstairs I could swear I have elephants living upstairs
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This is normal behavior. Benson has reminded me of that. He is also 5 months old. After he was neutered he has calmed down a lot. Do you have any empty boxes? That keeps Ben busy all day. He loves to eat them and hid his toys in there.
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I think once they are fixed and grow up a bit they will definately calm down.
For now, this is exactly how kittens behave unfortuantely!
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"Sometimes from downstairs I could swear I have elephants living upstairs "

I know THAT sound all too well.

Thanks, everyone!!
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