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So he was neutered and ...

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Now hes back home and I have some questions.
Should he be licking himslef downthere?
It's dirty,like theres dried up blood, how soon can I clean it up?
Can my female be near him or should I try to keep her away?
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You should let it be. If he is excessively licking the site, you may want to check with your vet to make sure there are no problems.
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We had our kids neutered 1 1/2 weeks ago. The licking down there is normal if he is doing it occassionally and not constantly. I personally would call the Vet about the dried up blood. Ours did not have this when they came home. And as long as you're calling the Vet, ask about interaction with the female. I don't know whether it's O.K. right away or not.

Thanks for spaying and neutering your animals! So many people don't, and it leads to so many problems.

Sending scritches to the kitties!


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So far I kept her away, but she managed to sniff him. Guess what she did? She hissed at him and has been doing it to him everytime she crosses his path. Is she mad at him?
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Hmm...I'm not too sure about why the female is hissing at him but I'm just going to suggest something. The male cat may still smell like the vet and that could be setting her off. Or maybe she's asserting her dominance knowing that the male cat isn't 100%.

I had Russell neutered and it's normal for licking to occur. You just have to be worried when it's excessive.

Good luck.
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I should have thought to mention this earlier, I'm so sorry! "a loveless gem" is right - it is the smell. This is frequently a problem posted here.

When one cat goes on a trip, vet or no, and others don't, there are often "reintegration" issues. The problem is smell.

Solution is easy. Take a washcloth or paper towel, and sprinkle a little bit of vanilla on it. Wipe all kitties with it. Voila! They all smell the same. This should help. Since they'll bathe themselves, you may have to do it one or two more times, but it should do the trick.

Keep us posted, and good luck!


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