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Skittles Kitten antics.

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Move if in wrong area please.

Ok I am so convince that Taffy one of Skittles kittens is half dog LOL. The vet said there is some coon in the kittens but I say mutt LOL. Ok he is just like a dog he will roll over beg fetch and he even loves water. He will also stand on his back legs and he will sniff strangers and give his opinion. He is scared of nothing but his mom. He even growls sort of at strangers coming to the door. Here is a video taken of him wanting to play last night but we had to get to bed. He doesn't want us to. He likes belly rubs.

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Jenny, I think that the Skittlets have Maine Coon in the blood as well!!! I think I've mentioned that before in some other thread!
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Yep ya did but Dr Clark also did at the last shot visit and my sister has the other girl and her vet said same thing. Would that be why he seems to have the trates he does. They are not mean at all they are so gental and lovable. If ya notice even in play we can kiss them and never get a claw in the eye.
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Are you still going to the nice, good looking Dr. Clark that helped Skittles? And yes, if they do have Coon in the blood, it could be a good reason he's showing the obvious "gentle giant" traits! In fact, I see Maine Coon in Skittles herself! And, it would also be a good reason why her litter of kittens was soooo huge!!!!
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Oh my god, too funny!!! Your Skittles is just like my Tipper and they even look alike! She does everything like a dog, sigh even eats like one, and LOVES the belly rubs. Shes well known for standing on her back feet to get recognized and loves to play fetch. I swould swear shes got canine somewhere in her genes.

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