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the Daily Thread HUMP DAY Jan 31

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cat peeps, Happy Hump Day!

Except for the impending Artic Blast 2007 (yes, we had that last week too ) accompanied by a wintry mix tomorrow, not a bad day here.

And a holiday for the fans of lots of drinks. How much easier is this???

Have a great day Peeps!
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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Morning!! Sunny here, but windy and it's rather mild as well for January!.

Nothing else to report here really
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Gotta go and greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.
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at least with the cold weather when i make a some tea, i j ust put it outside to cool down. for some ice tea.( since i dont drink pespi or dr. pepper anymore)
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Good morning all! Ugh! I had to ride in to work with Lee this morning as he needed the truck today. Have I ever told you all how obnoxious he is in the morning! I am a morning person but I don't know how he wakes up with all the energy!

1/2 way throught the work week!
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Good morning!

For some reason, I can't quit yawning this morning. I am ready for a nap all ready.

It's cool here, but not as cold as yesterday. It is finally supposed to warm up to the 70's tomorrow.. but it is going to rain all day
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Still cold. Sunny out though. about -15°C give or take a few.

I am so groggy right now. I took a sleeping pill last night so I could finally sleep.. and now i wake upp more tired than I was last night. Not to mention walking like I've had one too many drinks.

Don't have anything planned today, other than to pick on some adoption forms so the pppy will officially be my grandma's

hope everyone has a spectacular day, I'm gonna sleep it off, if I can.
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Waking up to the coolish weather (5F-15C) too. The artic blast will make its grand entrance about Friday!! I'm wondering how that's going to help or hurt the burning of the old farmhouse plans???
Nothing on the plate for today except taking Bakker to the vet for his "annua;" exam. Will not be walking outside as the windchills are -12 to -15F and do not want to be human popsicle!!
Enjoy the week is half over!!
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-11c here, with windchill it's -21c so I am glad to be working from home today, I hate the cold.

Other than that, not much happening
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Morning. It's about 35 here in Tucson, Arizona. Sun's just about coming up. I'm in the hole again, but the hummers outside have fresh food and are very, very happy.

Should be in the 70's by the weekend. Have a good day all.
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Morning all. I was rudely awakened by a phone call telling me that my Doctors appt was rescheduled for 3:30 this afternoon which is fine with me but I just wish they would have told me yesterday then I could've slept in today. I have the beginnings of Bronchitis, and feel crappy, and Neffie was crying ALL night last night. I am wondering if intros are in order soon. I know it's only been 4 days but she's itching to get out and explore the house, and I want the cats to meet her, I guess I'm just nervous. I don't want blood shed and I'm not sure how to break up cats if they start to fight. She's just 7 pounds they are 11 pounds and Twig is 22 pounds. Not a fair fight if you ask me.

It's freezing here and I'm tired of being sick. I feel like I've aged 100 years in a month.

Oh well, I know someday I'll get over this. Have a great day everyone!
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I have no idea what a Hump day is (only rude things come to mind lol) but ill say Happy 1st of Feb!!
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