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Eric may have diabetes

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I posted a couple of weeks ago about medical problems Eric was having. His urinalysis showed sugar in his urine. He was on antibiotics at the time so the vet wanted to wait until he was off the meds for a week before doing blood work. He had blood drawn last Thursday. The vet called me this evening with the results. His blood sugar is 297! Normal is 60-170. The vet said the high blood sugar may be related to his long term use of prednisolone- 5-6 years. Apparently long term use of steroids can suppress levels of an enzyme that helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism. I didn't get the name of the enzyme but Eric's levels were normal.

So he will be on yet another RX diet, Hills M/D. He is currently on C/D for struvite crystals. It's a good thing I received the Carpon I ordered. I'll give him the Carpon and the M/D and see what happens. If the diet doesn't work after 3-4 weeks he may have to go on insulin.

Now I have to get busy and do my research on feline diabetes and appropriate diets. Brief research tonight indicates that high protein, low carb is the way to go, which is what I am trying to achieve with all the cats.

Sorry for the long post. Any vibes available for management by diet will be appreciated by Eric and myself. Neither of us look forward to blood testing and insulin shots.
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I know menagerie mama's Bob was recently diagnosed with diabetes...she also works in a vet clinic I belive. Drop her a PM is my only advice!
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