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My Buddy Max

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The story behind Max here is that i got him a couple months after my tenth birthday because the rabbit i got died, so we went to a humane society and they had two kittens that caught my eye, an orange and white one and a grey and white one, (Max), so i decided on Max and about nine years later here he is.
p.s. this was taken on a cell phone camera and it is the only picture i have of him at the moment.
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Max is quite the handsome one!
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what a cutie, thats not bad for being a cell phone picture either it looks great, max is soo adorable I cant wait to see more photos ,
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Max your so handsome sweetie! We need to see more of you
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Nice to meet you Max!!! such a handsom lad!!
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Max looks like a cat that my ex bf adopted, we named him Homer (not from the Simpsons! ) What a handsome little boy!
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Max is adorable Awww
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