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Cat Toys!

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(I hope this is the right place. ._.)

I was curiouse, but what toys do your cats have? Is everything that moves there toy? Dot hey play with a certain thing more then others?

Our kittens have this one toy; we call it there 'mouse'.

When we first got it, it was a gray, fuzzy thing with a bell and some Streamers (? I've forgotten what it's called. xD) hangingin from a string on a stick.

But, when we got them, it wasn't to long after wards that they found it. One of them, Bella, promptly ended up ripping it off the string (The bell and streamers where already gone, and so was a lot of it's fuzzy-ness).

Now it's no longer fuzzy, and they love that thing to death. It's so cute when one of them walks by with it in there mouth; they walk like there the king (Or queen) of the world!

They also like pens and anything round.

MY cat Sophie likes this blue and yellow squishy ball.

And the rest don't care for toys.

(Jeezow. I talk to much)

So what toys do your cats like?
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Damita likes certain noisy toys.
Dorian likes fuzzy toys
Ophelia likes hairless mice
Lily likes spring toys.
Twitch likes the dog's tails.
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hmm, they of mine seem to love the lazer pointers,
only 2 of them like to play with toy mice. of course the kitten plays with anything
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I bought a Da Bird today, since I've seen it at Petsmart for a while now and have wanted it, but was going to wait a while. Until I found out the RAW food I got for my girls today was 50% off. So naturally the girls got a new present... lol

And it broke within 5 minutes . My sister was being too rough with it, trying to whip it away while Buffy had her grip (a strong one at that) on it, and naturally the feathery contraption snapped off. I have it held together with a mighty layer of tape, with some sewing thread to give it extra strength, until I can get back to Petsmart for a refill, lol. But for now, all the girls seem to really love it, except Willow, who's been sleeping and hiding out in my room all day.
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