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Hey thanks for your reply. I actually have another update. I "met" someone via the internet who rescues too. I asked her if she can help and in return I can foster a cat and advertize or something for her. She said she can take Cuddles and work with her because she just rehomed a couple of cats similar to her, older, who lost their home of many years and she has experience with this sort of thing. I haven't heard back from her again yet so hopefully she replies back soon. I am anxious to get Cuddles, well I hate to say get her out of her, but to get her with someone who knows what they are doing a little better and who is home a lot more often. I just figured it out that with both my jobs I work 40 hours a week and I am in class 20 hours a week. So I am rarely home!
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I just found this thread..I hope Cuddles finds a forever home soon. Good luck!
I Wish I could have helped but as you know, my place is full and soon to be fuller.
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Aww, I do hope there is a good outcome for this.
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Just a thought... if this looks like it's going to move forward, please get references! From a vet, from a shelter she works with, from people who have adopted cats from her.... any combination of the above...

Don't learn the hard way, like we did with Spooky.

Thank you for taking the time with Cuddles - and to find the right place for her.

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Jen, have you heard back from this woman?
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Yes! I am taking Cuddles to meet her on Sunday. I am going to her so that I can see her place. She is a grandma and is at home a lot. She is in the process of starting up a rescue group of people in the area who can get together once in awhile and discuss rescue and animal talk and stuff. Sounds quite fun. I am excited and she has a lot o experience with finicky older cats. I am so happy Cuddles will have a better place to be and have someone caring for her 24/7.
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oh Jen, that sounds wonderful. Thankyou for putting so much effort into finding somewhere for Cuddles. My heart breaks for this girl but its so heartwarming to hear that things are looking up for her.
I assume you will be able to get updates?
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This sounds like a heartbreaking situation. I'm so happy things seem to be working out.

It takes a very special person to foster cats. It's not something I could ever do. This is why we need people like you.
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thanks guys. and thanks so much for your help and encouragement. I am so glad things turned out the way they did and not the way I was originally thinking they would. I love you guys!
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Jen - I so agree with huggles! Thank you so much for putting so much work into making things work for Cuddles.

I really hope all goes well and this works out!!!!

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I really hope everything works out!
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Originally Posted by crazyforinfo View Post
I really hope everything works out!
Me too, I am still sending prayers and hugs for Cuddles.

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I am glad things are looking more promising Jen. Fingers crossed for her.
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I'm so glad things are looking so positive for Cuddles. You've done a wonderful job taking care of her and looking out for her best interest, Jen.
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Just wondering if there was any news?

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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
Just wondering if there was any news?

Me too. Tell us how it goes?

I'm glad you found someone who does older cat rescue. The 2 women that I know who do it in my area are the most knowledgeable folks I've ever met.
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Sounds like a happy ending! The people were right in saying most old cats are unadoptable, but its not totally true. I work with a no kill shelter in PA and, we dont cage our cats by the way, but... I have seen some kitties in bad shape get adopted... you just never know. I wish Cuddles luck, and good luck to you in all of your rescue efforts!
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