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What a day!!!!!

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Sorry this is a little long.

To start off the day today I was running late as usual. I couldn't find my keys anywhere. My husband had picked them up last night from the table and he didn't remember. We looked for about 20 minutes and still couldn't find them. So I took his key to the apartment and used the spare car key. I got home and looked and looked and still could not find them. I decided to take the trash out and for some odd reason I thought maybe my husband could have thrown them away. It was a long shot but I decided to dig. Well I got to the bottom and they were there covered in who knows what. I can't wait for my husband to get home!!

Then I had to take Kiki to the vet and it was a horrible experience for me. She hasn't been to the vet since this past March. I had a horrible time getting her in the cat carrier. I had to unscrew the top of it to get her in. I tried everything, but that was my last resort. After I got her in the cat carrier she went nuts. I think the evil came out in her. She started jumping around and throwing a fit. That just put me to tears. I put a towel over it and she calmed down some. Well all the way to the vet she cried, which made me feel like a horrible mom. Once we walked in the door at the vet office she went nuts on me again. She finally calmed down when it was our turn to see the vet. She was a perfect little angel for him. He gave her some antibiotics for her gums because they are inflamed and he hopes this does the trick. He opened up the cage and in she went. The ride home was pretty good she didn't cry as much. Once we got home, I took her out of her carrier and she vomitted all over me. I think because of the car ride and the stress. Now it is suck up time for me. I am getting the silent treatment. I hope she doesn't do this to me too long!! I need my little Kiki loves!!!!
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Oh, you poor girl! I'm sure Kiki will forgive you soon. After all, she did already get her revenge by ooping all over you.

One helpful hint for getting her in the carrier, wrap her in a towel, then put her in. Ophelia turned into a ball of teeth and claws last time we tried to do this. It took over 1/2 hour to finally get her in (ever chased a mad cat around a closed bedroom?), and the only thing that worked was putting a towel over her and then grabbing her and sticking her in. Of course, once I convinced hubby to try this, we had her in the carrier in 30 seconds.
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Nicki...oh my gosh. What a day you had today girl! Don't you just LOVE when days start out like that? I always feel like...well, it has got to be downhill from here...

Don't be too hard on yourself with your kitty. You did what had to be done and what was best. They ALWAYS love you in the end!

Hope tomorrow is MUCH better. It IS Friday after all...
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That was a bad day!!!! I hope tomorrow is better!! I am sure Kiki will be giving you kitty love in no time at all!
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The love is back!!!
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