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Tricky Cat

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I just put in my application to RAL for volunteer work. I worked there months ago and now I might get to start volunteering there again. There is a cat that has been there for a while now. She was there when I began volunteering in June, and is still there now when I'm applying to volunteer again. I can't quite remember her name at the moment, but she is a pastel tortoiseshell, and quite small, frame wise.

She has a nasty way of coming up to you in a friendly manner and rubbing against you. To those who don't know her, she seems a wonderful cat, but when you attempt to pet her, she will attack, hissing and striking out. No one is sure why she does this. Rubs against you then attacks if you try to touch her, but she does.

And I, always up for a challenge, am drawn to this cat. For some reason, I want to help her. Is there anyway I can gain this cats trust and help her adjust to human contact. I think if she could get over this, then she would make a great companion and would easily get adopted since she is so cute. If my application is accepted and I begin volunteering, I could get some pictures and perhaps some video of this behavior to better show you.

In the meantime, any advice on getting this cat over this behavior?
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I don't know what to tell you about getting the kitty over that behavior, but I do know what you mean. Do you know if the kitty has been abused before?
I have a stray/semi feral outside that acts the same way. She'll mew and dance around to be petted, if I dare pet her I better yank my hand back quickly I don't let her rub on my legs, everytime she gets that close I get a claw or two stuck in me. I suspect she is a former pet that was abused and dropped out here. Next time I'm at my vet's I need to ask if she'll be able to handle her...

Maybe work slowly and carefully with the cat in an enviroment that she's comfortable in? Wet food bribes? Oh, and use something else to pet her with then your hand, like a glove taped to a stick.
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Food bribes sound like a good idea, and the glove too. I'll ask the RAL staff about her history when I start volunteering. It could take a week or two for my application to go through.
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It's great that you want to help a kitty a lot of people would give up on. Good luck with the kitty and getting your application through soon.
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Good luck with the kitty. I hope you are able to find a solution for her.

p.s. In July when I move, I'll probably be adoping a kitty from RAL or one of the other shelters in the area There are some gorgeous ones there now that I would love to have, but unfortunately I can't until July.
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I'd try a lot of talking, eye blinking and using a brush. Let the brush hang down in your hand where she can rub her face on it. Folloow her lead as to when you can go a little further and start brushing a little bit. If she rubs against the brush without attacking then give her a treat before leaving. If she will let you run the brush down her body, then be sure to give her a treat after.

Over time you should see progress.

I have one feral that I captured and put in the house for the winter. He is very afraid doesn't want to be touched, but he does love to be brushed and will purr and even roll around a bit for it. I'm hoping to gain his trust over time.
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PaulaS. There are tons of cute kitties there, a few that have been there for a long time.
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