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Interview thurs @sears

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!!! Petsmart is falling through i think...They were "desperate for help" but then almost 2 weeks ggo by...and still have a help wanted on thier website.Just did application to sears and set appt for thursday am.
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Get the job vibes headed your way!
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I know how frusterating it is finding work- sending you MANY good vibes!!
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Oh too bad, that would have been a great place for you to work, Good luck with Sears
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Good luck, my best friend worked @ Sears through all of high school and part of college and he said it was a great place to work! he worked in the shoe section and made a ton of money cause they got comissions on sales: the electronics guys got comissions too.

Good luck!
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Good luck
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I worked for Sears for 10 years. The discounts are great and I met my husband there!!

Good luck landing the job!!
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good luck!
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It might be too late, but did you try calling the PetSmart you applied at to get a definite answer? Sometimes employers will only hire those that call back, because it shows they were interested in the job and probably want it.

Regardless, best of luck!
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Thanks all! My old boss worked as a pick up guy at sears for a few years so seems like good place. Godiva-yes I called a five days after interview(called and he wasnt in so called thurs-week after...and was told no decision and they had more interviews to do. then called today-tues and was told they MIGHT be hiring a ex associate back but i was welcome to call back.
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How silly! Around here, you practically have to harass employers to get an answer, even if they say "we'll call you in a few days either way." Whatever happened to manners? Ugh!!

Good luck in your job hunt!
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Since you brought this up-what is a good wait to make the first call? I mean I don't want to annoy them to death but I dont want to be forgoten in the swing of things-especially if this job is available. Also when do you give up. Sucky thing is I have to shop at this store a few times a moth and I hate shopping where I have worked/applyed I know its a weird thing I have lol.
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Good luck!
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I thought one was to send a thank you note to the interviewer the same day of the the interview???
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Lots of good luck with your appt!!
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lots of great interview vibes headed your way {{{{{{}}}}}} and I think that 5 days after the interview is a resonable amount of time to wait to call
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