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Wanting opinions on getting another cat:)

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Hello everyone,

I'm just new to this site so I wanted to say a hello to everyone. I have been debating whether or not to get another cat. I have a one year old male cat,who's name is Bear, and he is somewhat spoiled to say the least, lol. I live in a one bedroom apartment so my first concern would be there isn't enough space for two cats, what do you think? My other concerns would be whether or not to get a male or female, I heard male cats like to be "king of the castle" so they would get jealous of another cat, My Bear is quite a fighter so I wouldn't want him to hurt the other cat, and also it would be hard to know if they will get along in general. The cats I am interested in getting are currently wild cats living on my mother's porch, the cats are about the same age as my Bear, and my mom has been feeding them and socializing with them. Please let me know what you all think, I'd appreciate your opinions oh yeah and sorry the message is so long, lol. Take care.

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I am in a simmilar situation to you. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and I started out with one cat. Duke was a kitten when we got him and is definately the king of the castle. I got Sibohan when Duke was just over a year. Duke is male, Sibohan is female, both are fixed and they get along realy well. If you do decide on another cat I would suggest a cat that is known to have a good relationship with other cats. Good luck!
Do not however introduce a wild cat to your domestic without having the wild cat get it's health checked, you don't want Bear getting fleas, Feline Lukemia or any nasty thing the wild cat could be carrying.
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I have 2 cats in a 1 bedroom apartment so I'd say you've room for 2 if that's what you want
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It doesn't sound like a good match to me. Does Bear go outdoors? How do you know he is a fighter? Males do like to dominate, and I would not advise brining indoors an outdoor, unneutered male, or even after he is neuetered unless you had a bigger place with lots of room for long term separation.

Other things come to mind such as are the ourdoor cats neutered? Are they having more kittens? where did they come from?
Have you called a rescue or a shelter?
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