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I've been feeding my kitty Purina One dry food that is one of the special care formulas and is supposed to help reduce hairballs. It seems like sometimes the food makes him cough up hairballs more than usual. I was wondering if this was something that is common or could he have some sort of allergy to the food?
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i dont know if it the same for cats but i had a dog that used to get hairballs and my vet said put a 1/2 tsp of mineral oil in with there food i am sure someone will know what to do that is better qualified also watch out for foods contianing meat-by-products that doent help with digestion
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What meat-by-products should I be looking out for specifically? I've never really looked at what's in cat food before.
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if a bag says
meat by products( heads ft and intestines of well ?? animal)
chicken by products
poultry by products
beef by products
pork by products
lamb by products
rabbit by products
fish by products

May I add look for little to no corn ,,, corn gluten is okay if not the first ingrediant or main protein... no soy ... low to no wheat ... no artificial colors ( purina indoor has 3 of them for example) artificial flavors ... bha bht citric acid( this can be natural) these are a few of common chemical preservatives

I suggest a trip to the pet store and asking about good quality food ... One is a decent food but I wont feed it
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Thanks, Sharky. Are there any foods you would reccomend? I only want the best for my baby.
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Easy to find and not too spendy
Chicken soup
Natural choice
Solid gold

the last two are at petco and many pet stores

the top one is often less money at a feed store
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Ok, awesome. I will definitely have to look for those next time I make it to the pet store. My mom usually just grabs the Purina stuff when she goes to Target.
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i like nutro it to isnt very expensive and if you go to http://www.nutroproducts.com/ and sign up for the frequent byers program they send you a booklet of coupons there is like 5 for $3,00 off any size bag plus tons more i like the max cat (kitten)
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