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litter box training stray

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Well beans is home and doing pretty well(he was put under and shaved then realized he was fixed so had to come out a bit...also had shots so...) ok he rejected teh reg clay i tried scoop then put potting soil in box he has yet to use any(he has peed in cage so its not he can't pee or in any risk of getting blocked) but any other suggestions? my other strays all took right to the box. for last month he has been desperate to come in house now he has a chance to be a inside kitty if we can get over this...hes ina 2 ish foot cage. do those cat attract litter work? I am open to any suggestions...i even tried putting a pee ball from my recently spayed girl in his box lol
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Has he used the box with soil in yet? You could try mixing some sand in with the soil, cats that are not used to using cat litter often find sand acceptable

I wouldn't put something from another cat's litter in his box, he is more likely to want to go in a place of his own, and may well be put off by another cat's scent in his own toilet area. Especially since he's just been neutered and will still have 'dominant tomcat' hormones running through his body!

Let us know how it goes! Well done on getting him neutered.
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well woke up to find HE PEED IN BOX!!!!!!!! he wasn't neutered-he went in to be done but turnes out he was done at least a year ago( red face hearing that) i finally got rid of the potting soil(he thought it was a better bed) and went with fresh step scoop again he seems a little happier today-i would be to if i held that much pee lol...thanks for the help. i guess he finally figured its eiter sleep in the box and pee on the larger cage floor or the other way around and at least have more room to sleep
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Glad to hear he figured it out ok! Don't be embarrassed about not knowing he was neutered already, you're not the first person to make that mistake and you certainly won't be the last
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Our first feral slept on the dirt as well. He held out as long as he could... it was a little over 24 hours before he gave in! Of course, once he peed, he didn't sleep on the dirt. We scooped his pee out of the dirt, and put that in a litter pan filled with the usual litter. Worked like a charm.

Just for your future reference.....

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Epona-well at least vet knows I am trying-I have taken all my personal cat to him and then this stray so about 22 have gone to him. SMILE at LEAST I knew it was a boy but its good he got shots and penicilin shot should help his ear(cat fight wound) LDG I think if I could have used regular dirt from the outside it might have worked but all snow covered/ muddy. Will definatley use that tip down the road tho(first feral I had would just pee in corner of his cage-so had to give him the littlest trasport cage i had felt horrible but... Thanks for taking the time to help and beans uses a box
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Just FYI - if you need to use it in the future, it's actually best to use organic potting soil with no additives. If you use actual dirt, you don't know what little buggies and unfriendlies are in it.

And congrats on fixing 22 cats!

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