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Questions Reguarding leash and harness and opinions?

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Hi Panther Pride here. When Bindi was still a ktten, he is eight months or seven months now. I got him a Four Paws Cat lead and Harness. He was too young and small for it this summer but next summer when he is older and bigger. I was wondering if training him to wear it and walk on it like a dog and then taking him to Hidden Falls park by my house so he could lie in the sun, chase bugs, explore would be okay. I would never ever let him out of my sight someone would supervise us and we would stay away from any dogs or cars, ect.

my questions are. Would flea meds like frontline be a good idea to treat him with so he doesnt get them while playing outside on a leash?. How long would be safe? Would he get more excited and want to dash out of our house? ( he does this sometimes already) Would this help with his troubles of jumping high up on things and having them crash down,running throughout the house and climbing on the cortens. I understand that these are signs he may be bored and want more attention. He has a playmate,Tom who is fourteen years old. I was wondering if these excursions would help him play less hard with Tom who sometimes hisses and runs away from him because he's too kittenish. Bindi is up to date on all vacanations and is desexed.
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Personally I think it a good thing to train all cats to harness and leash, and take them walks in your own neighbourhood so they know the way home iof they get out by accident. And even an indoor cat should have flea meds as the little nasties can get into your home by other methods, including on your clothes! As for the park, I would try him in your garden and around first, and see how he reacts to being out, dogs and strange people etc. And NEVER let him off the lead, however sure you are that he would come to you. The dangers are just too great in a strange place.
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No I'm not sure he would come to me jenyrason. I tried pulling the lesh lightly and he comes only when he wants to and sometimes when I have a toy. He didnt like what I was doing so I stopped and let him run around the house with it on. I will take it off in an hour or so. I've fed him with the harness on and played with him but have'nt yet taught him how to come to me. Is there any way this can be done. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif
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Both our cats go out on a leash. We stay near our building, so the cats have gotten a good idea of their surroundings.
As for training him to come when you call, I'm not sure how you'd achieve that. Maybe by positive reinforcement each time you call his name, give him a treat so he learns his name is Bindy and he'll get a treat if he comes to you. Only one of my cats will come when I call, the other is more reluctant.
We give our cats Advantage once a month treatment as they are at increased risk of picking up parasites outside.
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Our vet told us to use flea and tick treatments on the kittens if we'd be taking them out on leashes. They didn't really like it at first but now they love it - they get to climb trees (only up the the first branch, but still...)
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Do you guys have the kind that that lets out line and then stops or locks if you dont want to. That's the kind I'm looking at getting. Right now he's being trained indoors with just a cheap harness and lesh brought from petco.
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I've just started taking Tilly out on a harness and leash - only within my apartment building and up to the roof terrace. She's been a bit scared by the whole experience but is getting the hang of it now!

I have a 6 foot leash but I keep her much closer most of the time, so I can lift her away from things she needs to stay out of, rather than pull on the leash - just wouldn't feel right tugging at kitty!
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I put it on Bindi whenever I'm in the house with him. Reason being he sometimes gets caught in chairs and could strangle himself. Heard stories of cats dying from chairs falling on them or getting leashes caught/ maybe that was a puppy/still sad doesnt matterhttp://www.thecatsite.com/forums/images/smilies/bawling.gif He doesnt like it when I put it on, but then acts like its no big deal hes very tolerent of things for a cat. Today I played with him upstars, play attack through curtens http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/rolleyes.gif I'm sure hew ill adjust well to being walked outdoors that's not what I worry of. What I worry of is that he'll shoot off out of my hands and ran away or get lost or hurt. Thats why a retractable lesh iks a must. I have one question for you. A cat that is walked outside on a lesh, will it live a shorter life then an indoor cat? Also do you know any place on the internet where they sellretrtactable leshes?
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Just a quick side question (its the same topic so i figured i would just ask here):
Dante is skittish around strangers, so what would be the best way to get him out on a leash? I'm just afraid that if i bring him out, as soon as he sees someone he'll climb up my leg and just cling there. any suggestions?
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