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Jack is not impressed, Destiny Cat Show

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This photo made me laugh, because Jack was supposed to get best cat and supreme at this show. He ended up getting second best and I think the look on his face says it all.

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He definitely looks disappointed with the whole situation He is gorgeous!
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oooooooooooo yes it does say it all You know you can take them all, Jack, you know it, we all do!!!
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Awwww... Poor Jack, is it enough for him to know that we all him?
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That's so funny! He's got the look on his face like second place just isn't good enough!

Awww... Jack we love you here at TCS!
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I agree with Jack on that one. He is so dang handsome he deserved to be number 1. He really is gorgeous. I'd be willing to pay you to let me touch him.
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Jack, it's all some sort of stupid pinkskin clerical error. You are totally Best of Show.
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yup, not impressed
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That sweet little thing just isn't happy is he? He's #1 in my book!
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All of your comments make me laugh, because Jack was totally out of character the whole trip home on Monday (all 700 miles)

Not sure if he was keying in on our vibes, but he was just a real crabby brat the entire trip. He wasn't happy anywhere in the van, bitchin' and complaining about everything. Normally he's all stoked about any trucks going by and just happy to be checking everything out, including smoozing with us.
This time, he was just in a foul mood. This cat always makes me think that our four legged friends are much smarter than we think.

I also think Jack may have been a human little boy in a past life.... ....he's waaaay too enthusiastic about 18 wheelers and motorcycles on the highway.
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Nobody can tell him hes 2nd best, he knows better !
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Jack you are numero uno here buddy
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Awww...poor Jack!! You're #1 in my book! Stupid judges must've needed their glasses cleaned....can they not see that gorgeous boy!?!?
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I can understand why Jack looks so ticked of because he should have been No 1!
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Poor Jack! So humiliating for one, isn't it!
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Nial, I bet the those 700 miles back was a killer on you and Teri.

Jack, you know how I felt about the judges. They totally confused me!
I still think you're the best! Give your Momma lots of head butts! She needs them!
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Jack you handsome devil! You are #1 here baby!!!
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Better luck next time Jack
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Awww Jack, forgive the poor confused human judges! They must have had a drop too many the night before your show. Get it to 'em good next time!! You're SO handsome they'll have to create a new category to place you ABOVE "Best Cat" or whatever else
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Well, he's got every right to cop an attitude...2nd best? What were they thinking?
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Yeah! What were they thinking?!!

Jack does look very annoyed...
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Aw - he looks like he's pouting! They've put the wrong ribbon on his cage! The nerve - how dare they!
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yep that face say its all
he is a beauty - of course
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I don't know about Cats but I know that when we had Race Horses they sure knew when they didn't do well I'm sure they know something because winning becomes part of them, The Day before and the Day of a show I'm sure the routine is somewhat different and they must know something. And he does look somewhat bummed..Bless his Heart
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