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Bald Spots

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Hi - long story

Neutered female cat - 7 years old, sociable, very affectionate gets on well with neutered tom.

Has started to obsessively wash the same places over and over - forearms/legs & belly. These are now completely bald and a little sore-looking in places.

This got worse last year when my wife got a new job and the house became empty during the day. The tom-cat tends to sleep when she's awake so I'm fairly sure she's bored/lonely.

Can get in & out whenever she likes and gets lots of affection when we're all home.

The vet has confirmed there are no skin problems and that this is self inflicted.

So ...... what can we do?

We've talked about getting a kitten, to give her company, someone to mother and something else to wash! This may be a little drastic though.

Is there any cat-safe cream we can use on her skin to reduce the irritation?

Is there anything else we can try to alter this behaviour?

Thanks in advance
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It could be stress and also allergy (not skin related). Ask your vet if this is possible and he may recommend a mild anti-allergen.
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Humidity is a big factor with skin irritation, I always have a humidifier in the winter. My old cat Pandi use to get bald, scaby, itchy patches in the winter till I figured out the humidifier.
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no, she's definately doing it to herself.

it's only in the areas she can reach to wash
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