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Major Vibes needed for my nephew

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Well my nephew who is 2 had his tonsuls(sorry for the spelling) out today, I need some magoc TCS Vibes, he doesnt have a fever but the said that his tonsuls were very swollen and he has an infection in his throat, they did give him something to calm him down, my nephews 2 and he doesnt really talk much he just likes to laugh and say kittie or mama or daddy the first word i heard him say was kittie, how cute it that but my brother said this isnt good, we have been hit with some snow here so were not sure if we are even going to make it to the hospital tonite, but they want to keep my nephew from starting any more tantrums and hes also not eating or drining anything that he is allowed (which he normally would) I just feel so bad and there hasnt been an update since around 2 when my brother called and said that they finally seen the doctor, so please send some of your magic tcs vibes, they took the tonsuls out because he was always getting sick (the same for his older brother whos 6 and he hasnt gotten sick like he used to last year he missed a whole bunch of school this year he got sick once and had to miss for a funeral as well, so the doctor said that maybe this will help my nephew out from getting sick so much{he always has croup(sorry for spelling) and hes always coughing } And lets hope this isnt a bad infection or anything and he improves, and hopefully no fever !!!!
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Poor boy! Here's lost of healing vibes from across the seas!
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Awww its no fun when children are sick.

I hope he gets better soon and hes in my thoughts!
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Having your tonsils removed is no fun at all. I still remember having mine removed when I was a boy.

Sending lots of good healing vibes his way.
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Had mine out just after I turned 5. Hated the whole hospital experience. Especially the runny scrambled eggs.

Speedy recovery {{{{vibes}}}} coming up!
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Aww, tons of get well soon vibes headed that way!!
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Lot's of healing vibes headed your nephews way!!!
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Aww, poor tyke. Good vibes going his way.
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That is such a painful surgery... vibes coming his way! Hopefully the antibiotics will get the bugs and that the surgery will benefit him in the long run.
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Lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Thanx everyone...well theres still no update which worries me because that means my brother hasnt left the room and he went for surgery at 530 am and my brother called us at 130-2:00 and said that they didnt release him from recovery yet, which he was in there for a while im guessing, but last time we talked to my brother was then and now its 7:20 and we have no update yet, and that worries me because my brother smokes and he hasnt gone out for a smoke or to give any one updates I am so worried now, we dont even no if he got a room yet which i am really hoping he made it out of recovery, but please keep the good vibes coming!!!!
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Poor little guy. Sending lots of vibes his way.
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Well they moved my nephew to his own room and brought him a crib although he wont sleep in it, the doctor told my brother that he is quit a fighter but hes miserable which is to be expected for a 2 year old, he ate a popsicle but my brother wont leave the room until hes asleep because my nephew is very attached to his dad so my brother hadnt eatin as of 9 o clock and the place closed at 10 and the only way the nurses would keep an eye on him was if my nephew was in a crib!! So he is doing better they do have him on an iv though and they havent given him antibiotics which has shocked us a little bit because of his throat being swollen but who no's please keep him in ur prayers and keep sending vibes, thanx in advance, and i will keep you all updated as I get updated !!
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I hope he's feeling better soon, Kids bounce back quick!
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