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cat on my bed !!

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I love it when my cat sleeps with me but my sister is always saying

could everyone please tell me something i can say back to her please

Btw im the only boy in my family(other than my dad)and i have 5 sisters

so i need 5 excuses lol
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My cat sleeps with me every night. More accurately, she sleeps ON me! You would know if you rolled over on her. She would yeowl loud enough to wake you up!
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The cat would jump up and bolt so fast if you rolled on it, I really dont think you could suffocate it unless it was a small kitten.
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This makes me think of how DH thought the kitten would suffocate ME, while we were sleeping. Your sisters are more concerned with the kitty, I feel the love there. LOL

Seriously, Dusty's mom is right...the kitty will be fine.
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Reeses wakes up if I so much as blink, so I wouldn't worry about it. She sleeps with us every night, well usually on my wife and up against me tightly if I'm the only one in bed.
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my mother in law rolled over on her cat the other night , and boy did she get a rude awaking. his riped through her ankle , and god did it bleed. she must have startled him so much he just panicked. after she was nearly cleaned up ( nearly hosp job) she went to find tigger who was hiding under the bed was scared and shaking. but all is fine now . i think the cat would let you know if something was wrong lol. mine have always slept with me , im a *tidy* sleeper , my partner is not , and the cats always seem to know when to move .
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Whenever I go for a nap, my kitty Quicksilver (who is 6 months now) sleeps next to me in my bed and if I roll over on her she bites or scratches me and then meows at me. lol
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Our last cat Sweety was a mushy ball of fur when it came to sleeping with us, she would NOT move and ofcourse wanted the middle of the bed! Sometimes I would test her and just put some weight on her, nope, did'nt work! Also the same on the couch, right in the middle. If you sat down scrunching her, she would do this back foot kick, to funny!
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a cat is going to move like the dickens as soon as you get close enough to roll on it, I can't imagine that ever happening unless it's a kitten, sick or comatose.
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My cats have always slept with me, since they were small kittens. Dushka was very sick with pneumonia when I found her and only three weeks old, and she slept in the crook of my arm at night and stayed in my pocket or a scarf/sling round my neck during the day for warmth. They will move if you do.
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Proffesorn is a bed hog! Often she stretches out with her paws UNDER my husband and her head UNDER me. Shes done this since she was a kitten. Move her and before you can fall back asleep shes wiggled her head back under you. I think you have no worries!

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I sleep with approximately 5 cats at once, which ones is always changing and a dog right now, and everyone is ok I'm 29 years old, have had cats sleep with me all my life and have never smothered one....although sometimes I wake with a cat laying on my throat which makes for difficult breathing
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