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does Karma have a cold?

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Over the last few days my little baby has been sneezing and sleeping more than normal. This morning I had to wipe some goo from her eye. It was clear and runny. I am keeping an eye one her to see if it gets worse. When she had kennal cough the vet told me to give her lysine to boost her immune system and it worked so I will be giving it to her again.
I want to know what to look for if her eye statrs watering again. When should I know to take her to the vet. What color is normal and what color is the sign of infection? Is it the sane as in humans? Is there anything else I can give her to help her get better?
Also I have a cold, could she catch it from me? We seen to have the same symptoms.
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Sounds like an upper respiratory infection. If the goop is yellow or green and her nose is crusty with gunk and she's not keen on eating, she probably needs antibiotics. My vet has always told me that if its a few sneezes and clear runny eyes, antibiotics wont help, that its like a human cold that has to just go away on its own. Like when Zoey and Saki both came home from the shelters after I adopted them they had mild colds that went away on their own.

You cant pass colds from humans to cats...
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Transfer Factor would probably help too...
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Definately sounds like upper respiratory. If not treated, it could get worse. She will probably need some antibiotics. Even clear watering is not a good sign, if it gets gooey, that's a real problem.
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She seems to be better today. I have given her lysine, 2 times a day, morning and night. Half a capsile(sp?). It makes her sleepy which is good, we all know sleep is one of the best things. I'm still keeping an eye on her. So far she has had no mre runny eyes, just a few sneezes here and there. If I see any changes though it's off to the vet.
Thank you for all your help.
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